Argh D1

Just had it. I think I messed up the Critical Path Analysis because even though I got 3 to be the lower bound for number of workers when I tried to schedule them I couldn’t make it less than 4 :( so so annoying. Rest of the paper was fine thoughhh, and I loved the last question!

Right, time for some chillaxin’ before I started revising Chemistry. I think an episode of Friends and a baked potato are in order, wooooooooooooop. 

revising D1 is monotonous and painful.

Good thing I have the Edinburgh pictures to look at when I get too bored eh.

memories of the human bubble sort/quicksort with hats as pivots will never fail to cheer me up. woo.

I cannot believe I slept for 15 hours last night.

6pm - 9am. New record for me! At least I’ve caught up on a week’s worth of lost sleep, I feel pretty great actually. Can’t believe my exams start on Tuesday though. Guess I’ll be revising D1 and Chem Unit 1 this weekend then, which isn’t bad at all to be fair. Happily sitting in bed drinking coffee, surfin’ da net and listening to The Honey Trees. It’s lovely moments like this that make me put things into perspective and just chill out. :) Will start revising soon though I promise

So I kinda neglected Maths today but at the same time I basically finished Unit 1 Chem so it’s all good. Been through two legacy papers… they’re pretty much the same as the new ones, if not somewhat easier actually. So yeah I’m in a pretty good mood today. Also we’re having chicken for dinner. Gotta love chicken.

Is it weird that I now look forward to getting on the treadmill in the evenings? It’s addictive, seriously.

It’s 11:40AM.

I’m going to shower, then switch off my laptop and put it somewhere out of reach and start revising Maths. Then when I get bored I’ll start doing those flipping Unit 1 Chemistry legacy papers. Sigh. So glad I have tomorrow off too. I’m definitely much more in the revision mood than I was at Easter, that was crap. I’m feeling slightly more optimistic now… 9 days until my first exam though :|

Oh I could sail the world, search through the darkest waters, I’d never find, these golden eyes

See you later ~

Today was the weirdest day.

First of all my Dad got really mad at me for something really stupid and had the biggest go at me and ugh I wish he’d just listen to me but he never does. I have done. Nothing. Wrong. Nothing worth nearly crashing the flippin’ car over anyway. He’s such a drama queen he just needs to chill. :|

Then… my team came second in a Chemistry Analyst competition, which I didn’t see coming in a million years because half the time we had no idea what we were doing. Lmao. It was the funniest thing ever and when our names were called at the awards ceremony we literally couldn’t stop laughing and were in hysterics as we collected our prizes. Must have looked absolutely ridiculous but it was just hilarious, and on top of that, the prize was a £20 book voucher which is brilliant. :)

But finally. To set the mood for the end of the day. My phone got trapped inside a bendy chair and got bent in half. What the actual hell. So now I have no phone. Fan-bloody-tastic. I’m now home and my dad’s mad at me and I have no phone and  I am in a rubbish mood and I have so much work to do this weekend. 6th form life sucks.

  • Revise for French oral exam
  • Do a maths paper
  • Finish a chemistry paper
  • Revise for biology mock
  • Spend an hour on UKCAT 

I don’t want to do maths

I’ve just spent the last 5 hours procrastinating. I mean I’m glad I’ve got 3 photo albums sorted and that my bookshelf is now in alphabetical order and that I’ve put my clothes away and that I’ve watched five episodes of Friends. Really glad. But my maths exam is in one month and 4 days and I don’t really know, well, any of it, and I’m sort of starting to freak out. D1 is so stupid, sort of starting to wish I’d attended those S2 lessons. I just don’t know where to start revising it, and just, ugh. Grrrrrrrr ok talking about it is stressing me out so I’m off to procrastinate some more

Back from Edinburgh!

That was literally amazing, competing only with Dijon for the most wonderful trip I’ve ever been on. And drama comparable to The Hangover was going down Thursday night/Saturday morning (lol), but all’s well that end’s well. It was a fantastic trip. I got home about an hour ago and now I just want to snuggle up in bed and read. So happy though. Oh and, 5/7 of the D1 module finished. Result!

Junior Doctors in 10 minutes

erjerpweoropwerkpowerw, desperately trying to mentally prepare myself for my French test tomorrow. Argh. But on the bright side, The Fault In Our Stars arrived today, which is just fabulous. I lent Looking for Alaska to a third person though and I’m beginning to miss it.

And and and going to Edinburgh on Thursday… D1 in 2 days, simply can’t wait. ;)