Finally home.

I’m glad to be back, it’s been a tiring few days. But I’m also glad that I’ve been able to help my grandparents out so much. It’s so sad how much their health has deteriorated recently but I guess you can’t do anything but help out as much as you can.

In other news, it’s my birthday in exactly a month! So I guess it’s time to start making a list of what I want, haha. Was talking to Arvid about French novels and he suggested an author called Romain Gary; been looking into him and I’m thinking I’d probably like to get a couple of his books. Not sure which ones yet (he has so many and they all look so interesting) but Arvid recommended Les Cerfs-Volants and La Promesse De L’Aube - anyone read them?

Not really sure what else I want… I know my mum’s getting me a really big bottle of the perfume I want, Calvin Klein IN2U (classy name I know, but it smells like heaven, I’m actually obsessed with it) so that’s that, not expecting anything else at all from my parents as they booked me a plane ticket to Dubai in a couple of weeks, lol. 

So I dunno really. Clothes? I do want clothes. But I’m really picky and need to try things on before I buy them. So maybe store vouchers - H&M would be good. Or actually, omg, TRAFFORD CENTRE GIFT CARDS. That would be absolutely one hundred percent perfect. Okay that is definitely what I want. :P

Mulling over whether I want Season 7 House DVDs or not - on the one hand, I have 1-6, and I like having collections, but on the other… I can watch them all online for free. So it just seems like a bit of a waste of money. Hm. Alright I’m really sleepy now so will head off to bed. Starting my art project tomorrow! And also starting Season 4 of Prison Break. Exciting stuff. Goodnight!

P.S. Claire I’m still expecting an original present from you bbz

sometimes when I’m reading medical terms I’ll find myself thinking them in Chase’s accent

they just sound so much better like that

like sarcoidosis

Claire made me a playlist a while ago.

I’ve just been listening to it again and it’s making me so happy, I love it! And her. You go on and I’ll be happier, you go on yeah you go onnn

But I haven’t even gotten round to watching that House Special thing, I stayed on Tumblr then I decided to dress up in an attempt to look pretty lol so now I’m wearing a dress and my hair and makeup are all done up. Very sad indeed but I’m trying to make it feel like summer ok, don’t judge me guys

What a lovely morning.

Woke up at 9pm, made some coffee, and I’ve been sat here for an hour now reading John Green’s answers to questions related to TFiOS (here) which is making me feel this strange mix of nostalgic and happy. I know this is completely weird, but with John Green’s books, once I’ve read them, I almost feel proud to have read them. Having them as part of my life feels kinda special to be honest, like I’m lucky. No books have ever affected me more than John’s have. God, I love that man.

So, thank you to Tumblr for bombarding me with so many Looking For Alaska quotations that I felt desperate to read it, and thanks a million to Beth for actually buying it for me for my birthday. You’re amazing.

Anyway when I’ve finished reading the questions I’m gonna make myself some toast and maybe watch the House Special: Swan Song. Feeling very sentimental today it seems. :)

House reblogging spree

I don’t even care. Wtf man… RIGHT IN THE EMOTIONS

I can’t even look at oreos without getting a little teary 

Ohhh wow.

Just watched House, I was not expecting that ending at all… I was literally staring at the screen like :O WTF. As if there’s only next week left, it’s so sad, I’m gonna miss it so much :|

PS. Had my Chemistry exam and it was okay. Sigh. One down, six to go.




  • last episode of House EVER coming out tonight
  • chemistry a level exam tomorrow

I don’t know which one to be more upset about. I am not prepared to watch Wilson die. And I DON’T WANT TO REVISE ANYMORE rgkjkjgoioplkvmf. There’s gonna be tears tonighttt

Isn’t the last episode next week!? did I miss something? I’m pretty sure its next week! 

Ohhhh you’re right! “Holding On” didn’t show up on TV links initially which is weird… but yeah, there’s two more to go! (Having to watch American TV online sucks, #whitepeopleproblems) AND I KNEW 13 WOULD COME BACK I TOLD MRS LEAVER YES I DID and I bet House kills her omg I swear if someone spoils this for me before I watch it I will hunt you down and make your death look like a misdiagnosis

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