that biology exam was a piece of crap, there was a graph on nearly EVERY PAGE, there was like 2% content from our actual syllabus, wtf u playing at AQA

i’m fed up of getting really excited every time my phone buzzes only to see that it’s not you and then getting this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach

treadmill and prison break!

then an early night because tomorrow I am gonna do nothing but UKCAT practice. really need to go for it. it’s on wednesday and i have to smash it. :( the thought of shopping with claire on thursday is keeping me going woooooo. OH and the tiny issue of getting into med school. see ya








and it was literally drunkenly circling my room for like 15 minutes, and I was (poorly) attempting to follow it with a fly swatter, but it just wouldn’t stay still, and anyway every time it moved I screamed, and it went into my wardrobe and back out and then into my bookshelf and omg I was freaking out SO MUCH and then after all that it just flew back out the window, having clearly enjoyed the 15 minute tour of my bedroom. GODDAMNIT I WILL NEVER OPEN MY WINDOW AGAIN


Bane of my friggin’ life.

This has been such an awful weekend.

Cannot wait for it to be all over on Tuesday but in a way I’m dreading it because I get the feeling I’m gonna need to resit.

Hate hate hate this module. Also I feel moody and I have tummy ache and I want to eat everything. And my Dad is an absolute idiot.

That comic below speaks volumes - it’s so ridiculous, albeit a bit exaggerated, but it’s reflecting something which is actually a reality in our society today. I hate when people get hyper-sensitive for no reason, about the stupidest things. Why on earth should we say ‘Happy Holidays’ when the reason we have a holiday is because of Christmas? Okay, the celebration of Christmas itself is kind of a different matter, I know most of the traditions come from the Pagans and yada-yada-yada. But the fact is, Christmas is about peace and good-will and understanding and love. It’s not supposed to be something offensive, it’s not supposed to be controversial… I think these days people are just looking for arguments, looking for reasons to get angry and cause a stir. And I guess the Internet is a brilliant tool for that, pick any subject you like and you’ll find hundreds of people who’ll argue with you about it online. And there’s two different types of people; the people who actually start the crap, and the people who read the crap and think it sounds clever so they latch on to it like sheep. They’re worse. So much worse. Just loudly parroting beliefs they only really half understand because they think being opinionated makes you seem intelligent. Well, not if your opinion is a load of crap my dears.

Wow, lots of ranting today.

oh yeah

just remembered I’m supposed to be studying and I only checked Tumblr to see if my friend had replied to the message I sent her. well.. she didn’t. and here i am an hour later still scrollin’.. :(

learning about microscopes in Biology just isn’t doing anything for me..

bonne nuit <3

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, i could really use a wish right now

yeah i kind coulddddd

still feel like crap

I’m gonna sit on the couch watching feel-good films all day. The only problem is that I still don’t have an appetite so I can’t eat cake even though I’d love to. How terrible my life is right now.

Thinking of watching 500 Days of Summer or Mean Girls. Anyone got any other ideas?

I feel like I can’t talk to anyone in this house without it turning into an argument. Why the hell are you so sensitive and tense? Why are you on edge all the time? Why do you misinterpret every single thing I say, why does every conversation with you end up with someone being upset?

And you wonder why I hate being at home for the summer. Maybe because at school, people actually accept me for who I am, and like me for it, as opposed to here where all you want to do is change me, picking on the tiniest flaws and making out like I’m some sort of terrible person. Maybe because at school, when I tell them about my hopes and dreams, they don’t laugh and say that French is a useless language, they don’t mock my passion for it and call it stupid, they actually encourage it and think it’s a good thing. Here, I can’t get it right. If I stay in my room all day, I get told off for not being sociable with my family. If I try to talk to you, you get annoyed with me. How can I win? I’ve been home for two hours and I’ve already had 3 arguments. Arguments aren’t even in my nature, I avoid them at all costs. Ask any one of my friends, they know that I tend to get on with everyone. So why can’t I get on with my own family?

Well, this weekend’s family trip is gonna be fun ~


history revision