I’m playing Majora’s Mask and I’m trying to find all 30 skultulla inside that crazy skultulla house but I’m on 23 and I can’t find the rest and I only have 36 hours remaining and I’ve literally looked EVERYWHERE and goddamnit I refuse to use a walkthrough IF I DID IT WHEN I WAS 10 I CAN DO IT NOW GODDAMNIT


Just chilling for a little while until I go to my Uncle’s house for dinner. Looking forward to it, I love being around my extended family. They’re just so damn hilarious. Taking last night as an example: only in my family would we be having a heated discussion about evolution on Christmas Eve. Love it so much, haha. Also was quick to shoot anyone down who claimed that evolution is incompatible with belief in God. Dear me. Some people.

Wearing a lovely ridiculous Christmas jumper yayy. My house is so cosy right now :) got a few cousins round just chilling. One of them, who’s 23, is the one who used to help me with Zelda (Ocarina of Time) back in the day when I got stuck… so we started playing on the N64 again for old times’ sake, haha. I have completed it before but I am once again stuck on the water temple. If he can finish it today (he is such a pro) then I will be so pleased, haha, I’ve been stuck for so long now :P

Also, I am so glad Claire got a new laptop for Christmas. She can finally read my blog properly. Which is very important of course.


Getting very N64 nostalgic.. so if I finish my homework by 8pm I shall let myself play Ocarina of Time or Pokemon Snap/Stadium or Banjo Kazooie or Super Mario or or or Golden Eye. iesjiurewrethdrfe

When someone says they don’t like Zelda…




and I’m just like




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heiuerhrertwew nintendo <3

it’s so awesome. i noticed i lost a follower by the way, after posting the first zelda thing. how rude. well if you unfollow because of that, i don’t even want you to be a follower. :(

okay, i’m off to get my coffee and toast, then i must start revising geography again :| this time tomorrow i’ll be doing my exam.. and then an hour and a quarter later i’ll have finished and summer will begin. awwwwwyeahhhhhhhhhhh.


i wanna play Ocarina of Time on the 3DS even though i don’t have a 3DS. um. might steal it from my friend. shh.

gonna whap my N64 out tomorrow during my revision break <3

Maths exam in nearly 2.5 hours.

Guess I should get off Tumblr sometime soon..

I had the most bizarre dreams last night. All Nintendo related. It was a mixture of Zelda and Pokemon. Basically I was Link, and I finished the game, but no one cared and I was running around like SHOULDN’T SOMETHING HAPPEN NOW I’VE FINISHED THE GODDAMN QUEST.. and nothing was happening. Zelda, you bitch. D:
I’ll tell you more about it after my exam since I’m finding it really difficult to type (my fingers don’t function properly when I’ve just woken up o.o)

Wish me luck! And good luck to all those who are doing Maths today too. I’m off to get my very very very strong coffee x