A*AAA!!! Lancaster Medical School here I comeeeeeee

omg i get my results in like 15 hours and i’m so nervous omg omg omg omgg

just watched perks of being a wallflower and cried endlessly

wonderful film, really did the book justice in terms of emotiveness [chrome is telling me that’s not a word but oh well] and just… wow. yeah. worth a watch. only criticism is emma watson’s not so great american accent, not that i could do a better job, but it just seemed really unnatural. i dunno if that’s because i’m so used to her being very british or if her american accent just isn’t very good, but i did find that it spoiled the sam/charlie scenes just a little bit, because even though her acting was good it just seemed a little insincere. gotta hand it to logan lerman and ezra miller - PERFECT in their roles. just perfect.

note: 5 days til results, and the sleepless nights have begun. i burst into tears at the scene where sam got accepted into university. this wait is killing me!

that biology exam was a piece of crap, there was a graph on nearly EVERY PAGE, there was like 2% content from our actual syllabus, wtf u playing at AQA

i’ve gotten to that point in my chemistry studying where i had a dream last night that i had a poster that said "my thoughts are carbon chains i can’t fathom into benzene rings"


i have no words for this 

results in 3 hours aah what is this madness

Off to Wales for the Biology field trip, wooooo

Won’t be back until Monday. Rly excited yh. But omg, I did a UKCAT practice paper yesterday and got 640, just did one now and got 660, IS THIS A TREND I SEE BEFORE ME??? I certainly hope so. Although omg, the abstract reasoning, what the fuck. Genuinely guessed every single one (and got about half of them right which is weird) but seriously it is bullshit and I have no idea how to improve on it, someone help meeeeeeeeeee

I stared at question 3(a) for like 20 minutes irfopewirowjrwq

Anonymous asked:
yeah but there's also extended that's harder, isnt it?

Extended? You mean Further Maths? I’m not sure what your point is exactly. Yes A-Level Further Maths is harder than A-Level Maths, if that’s your question, and the Core Maths modules are part of A-Level Maths.

Another A on a C3 paper o_o

I honestly thought this would never, ever happen. I am in absolute disbelief that I can actually do this. Oh my god. eirwerwei[ropweirpoijwerwer. Guys, it’s official. I LEARNT C3 IN ONE WEEK.

Oh and, the other great thing, is that I’m getting addicted to Prison Break. SO GOOD. And Wentworth Miller, unffffff

I got an A on two C3 papers!!!!!!!!!1

Praise da Lord, I am sososososo happy right now

Men In Black 3 was amaaaaaazing

absolutely loved it, Will Smith never fails to impress <3 today was great! Having a nap now and then I’m gonna get started on some Maths wooo

Oh, my God

Someone posted the Chemistry paper on the Student Room and oh my God I lost 5 marks because I DIDN’T SEE TWO OF THE QUESTIONS. I DIDN’T SEE THEM. Why am I such a blithering idiot?! What is wrong with me?! They were SUCH easy marks, FML.

Luckily though… it shouldn’t make too much of a difference, I counted up my marks using the unofficial mark scheme and hopefully I got around 92/100. I just need all the UMS points I can get to bump up my ISA mark :// GAH *angst*

On a lighter note, I finally got 35/35 on a French essay so looking hopeful for Friday. And my French teacher asked me if I minded them buying my exam essay back, which is slightly weird since I haven’t even done it yet, but yeah that was nice. Sigh.