that biology exam was a piece of crap, there was a graph on nearly EVERY PAGE, there was like 2% content from our actual syllabus, wtf u playing at AQA

Biology Unit 4 exam tomorrow..

Let’s hope there’s a beautiful 8 marker about photosynthesis or respiration and let’s hope also that the HSW questions aren’t the type that make me suicidal - is it really a tall order to want stuff that’s on the syllabus to come up on the paper?

Good luck everyone, I’m off to bed xx 

Anonymous asked:
Hi. I take 7 GCSE subject and I'm wondering if I can take one of them as Edexcel. I want to take French in Edexcel because I'm finding it hard...

Uhmm, the exam board will entirely depend on what your school chooses. But honestly AQA French is pretty easy, message me off anon and I’ll be happy to help.

Really need to start my EPQ.

Half-way through my summer and haven’t done a single thing, wow, where’s all da motivation gone :( okay, my plan - tomorrow I will read two medical journals on Vitamin D deficiency and then write my introduction. Definitely. Although I’ll have to get it done during the day as I have a couple friends coming over for dinner, wooh for being social!!! also have to go to physio argh, okay I’d better sleep now. Nighttt.

PS. Half way through reading Skippy Dies and really loving it, am going to the library tomorrow to pick up Ender’s Game and Farenheit 451 :)

Biology paper was a really good one thank the Lord. Just General Studies tomorrow which means a pretty chilled day doing some last minute Chemistry revision for Wednesday. Not been on Tumblr much recently because I’m kicking the procrastination habit ;) but tonight I’m just chillaxin’ after yesterday’s hardcore studying. Been re-reading The Fault In Our Stars and oh, my God. I don’t think it could get any more perfect. John Green is one of the very few authors who can actually make me laugh out loud. Except this time I’m getting upset even from the start because I know what’s going to happen :( I want Augustus and Hazel to be happy forever and ever and ever

Been reading the Mock Law Trial thing and I’m really, really happy with it. Good times, I’m actually very excited for the audition. Gonna get a good night’s sleep now because I’m absolutely shattered, and hopefully I’ll be refreshed and motivated tomorrow, ready to start working through my huge pile of homework. My nose is running a bit though, I really hope I’m not getting a cold, I’ve just gotten over one and I hate being ill. By the way - did any of you do the EPQ? If so, what did you do it on and how relevant was it to what you want to do at uni? If anyone can tell me anything about their experience that’d be wonderful :)

Goodnight x

heiuerhrertwew nintendo <3

it’s so awesome. i noticed i lost a follower by the way, after posting the first zelda thing. how rude. well if you unfollow because of that, i don’t even want you to be a follower. :(

okay, i’m off to get my coffee and toast, then i must start revising geography again :| this time tomorrow i’ll be doing my exam.. and then an hour and a quarter later i’ll have finished and summer will begin. awwwwwyeahhhhhhhhhhh.



i can’t tell you how interesting the Common Agricultural Policy is. you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t know what it is so i might be kind enough to enlighten you all later on

brb. :(

need to revise Geography for my last exam on Friday (!!) can’t believe I only have one left, I’m actually rather overjoyed. :D so, population, development and tourism, COME AT ME BRO.

i’m in a good mood. i was texting my friend at 1am last night and she made me see my situation in a whole new light. VIVEMENT L’ANNEE PROCHAINE, was our conclusion. make of that what you will. see you :’)


"So, I knew I was going to see you today. I told myself I wasn’t going to speak to you, I wasn’t even going to look at you, I’d just pretend you didn’t exist. How difficult could it be, since you’ve been doing to me for God knows how long?

The stupid thing is that I actually managed it. You were walking past and I totally blanked you, carried on doing what I was doing, explaining something to my friend, trying to pretend not to notice or care. But as you passed by, my friend looked at you curiously, and then asked me if I ‘saw that’. I said no, what? And she said, “He was staring at you. He smiled at you for ages.. but you didn’t look up.”

Why do I do these things to myself? Did I even do the right thing by blanking you? I don’t understand you. Mixed signals all the time, what am I supposed to think, what am I supposed to feel? Do you even realise? Is it intentional? Or is it possible that you’re completely oblivious?

So what do I do now? I love you. No, I don’t. Yes I do. No I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do. But I don’t want to. I wish I didn’t. I wish it could all go away. But it won’t. You won’t. You’re in my head, all the time. You’re the one person who can make me the happiest girl in the world and the saddest girl in the world. You have no idea how much you mean to me. And how much you hurt me, every single day. Which is why I thought I’d try to ignore you, forget about you. Then… this happens. What does it mean?”

so so so so so so tired

had a friend round on the night of an exam.. what on earth was i thinking

great fun, but omg. ok. off to bed so i can wake up and revise history tomorrow morning. yayyy

night night :)


Geography Paper 1 and ICT tomorrow.. Please somebody kill me in my sleep so I can die a peaceful death. That’s a joke by the way, for any eager psychopaths out there.

You know what’s made me feel like crap? The fact that whilst tidying my room I found my ICT Case Study.. which I’d forgotten about. And haven’t looked at for two weeks. So I guess instead of writing this I should be studying it :|

Good luck to everyone sitting exams tomorrow x