Just been thinking.

I’ve been trying to decide for a while now what my blog actually is. And I think I’ve decided that it is what my mind would look like if you could see it. I love visual aesthetics, both natural and artistic. I love literature, and the power of words, when put together in the right way, to inspire and motivate, or capture emotions, moments, feelings. I love the beauty of language in general, whether it be English, French or Arabic. I love wit and humour, from dry and cynical, to downright silly and immature. I’m always thinking about the state of our world at the moment, and although it saddens me how much cruelty there is, I love the fact that there are good people. Lots of good people. And I do believe that good will prevail over evil, however long it takes. I love talking to people, I love my friends, I love my family. I love beautiful music. I love good films. I love House MD and Doctor Who and Harry Potter and old Disney films. I love expressing myself. I just love writing. Excitement, happiness, fear, sadness, worry, whatever’s on my mind… it doesn’t matter. I love clearing up and articulating my thoughts. It let’s me think so much more clearly. :)

I love love love that feeling when you’re all alone in a small, unknown art gallery. You walk slowly and deliberately because every step you take makes this small sound which echoes throughout the whole place almost like the crash of the ocean waves. Each piece you look at is inspiring in some way, even if you don’t like it, or don’t understand it, because it feels like the whole gallery is like one big work of art that you’re walking through. In a way, the near-silence is intimidating, but in another way it’s so peaceful, so comforting. It’s such a breath-taking experience, walking through an art gallery alone.

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Well this would’ve made our General Studies discussion about art very interesting..