Shopping todayyy

Got jeans, a blouse and brown brogues, all for £17! Bargains FTW. Also got Tender Is The Night by F Scott Fitzgerald so excited to start reading that :) They didn’t have The Winter Of Our Discontent which was disappointing but I’m gonna order it online. Woo okay it’s nearly 2AM now and I’m feEling slightly delirious so goodnight guys much love I’M ON A ROLLERCOASTER THAT ONLY GOES UP

Biology paper was a really good one thank the Lord. Just General Studies tomorrow which means a pretty chilled day doing some last minute Chemistry revision for Wednesday. Not been on Tumblr much recently because I’m kicking the procrastination habit ;) but tonight I’m just chillaxin’ after yesterday’s hardcore studying. Been re-reading The Fault In Our Stars and oh, my God. I don’t think it could get any more perfect. John Green is one of the very few authors who can actually make me laugh out loud. Except this time I’m getting upset even from the start because I know what’s going to happen :( I want Augustus and Hazel to be happy forever and ever and ever