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asked my parents what ‘awkward’ was in Arabic, was sure that they were gonna be like ‘oh wow i have no idea that’s so interesting’ but they both told me straight away that it was ‘muh-rij’.. so um that’s kinda awkward.

ethereal silence: The word "awkward" doesn't exist in Arabic.


I’ve tried asking a few different people how to translate “awkward” and no one has been able to do so. I’ve even looked it up myself and nothing is quite right. There is no one word that has the same meaning as awkward. All the words listed were off. So does that mean that Arabs don’t experience…

That really is interesting, I’m Arab and living in England, I use the word ‘awkward’ about a hundred times on a daily basis, and I’m struggling to come up with an Arabic equivalent… although my Arabic isn’t exactly amazing, haha, I often really struggle to convey English ideas to my non-English speaking Grandma and end up staring helplessly at my brother who just takes the mickey out of me without helping me because he thinks it’s funny that my Grandma thinks I’m a bit slow. Lmao. Dear me. So yeah I think I’d put ‘awkward’ across using a combination of the word ‘embarrassing’ and some facial expressions. Interesting indeed!

the awkward moment when you look up a song you really like on youtube and the video is practically pornography.