Another gorgeous day,

another barbecue! This time at my aunty’s house, where they have a pool, wooooo. Kinda upset that my brother’s gone back to uni, a couple of years ago I never ever thought I’d be saying this but I miss him already! Anyway best be off, those episodes of New Girl aren’t gonna watch themselves ~~


P.S. On my 13th episode of New Girl yaaaay today is amazing

Completely finished my Biology and partially finished my Chemistry/Maths. Kinda stuck. I’m gonna start my French, woo grammar.

I just logged onto my Grooveshark account which I haven’t used since last year and found my old playlists. SO NOSTALGIC. Got Rescue Me by You Me At Six blasting in my room ;) And omg BBQ later on. Life’s not so bad ~

P.S. Just realised it’s October! Happy October :)