someone should hit me up with some messages.

got an A* on the past paper

which means no more unit 2 physics today!

40/45, which was 100% UMS, and 3 of the marks I lost was a calculation I couldn’t be bothered doing because my calculator wasn’t within reaching distance. Lazy I know :B going to have a break now and get started on unit 2 chemistry afterwards. tomorrow’s unit 3 day, excited much? ;)

yeah i’ve decided i’m gonna revise on tumblr. you’re gonna get some boring unit 2 physics thrown at you, ye faithful followers. and i’m gonna include some totally random unrelated pictures with every post.

i like big

books and i cannot lie.

seriously need to revise

hi exams, bye social life

when i’m looking for food, i check the fridge at least 3 times

‘cos deep down inside me, i believe that something might materialise..