Beth lent me Mean Girls after my disaster with trying to stream it online the other day. Just watched it with my breakfast coffee. Wooooh, feel good endings <3 Should really start my homework now… for Biology I have to make a model of a eukaryotic animal cell. Fun times… at first I thought it was a bit of a waste of time but I’ve just been planning it out and realised that thinking about which sweets could represent each part of the cell is indeed helping me to learn the parts :P Fizzy gummy worms = rough endoplastic reticulum etc. Wanted to make a cake but I think this is easier… might make a cake just to eat, if I have time tonight. :) So I’m just planning how I’m going to make the model atm, whilst listening to Capital FM. Feeling pretty damn good. Maths test on Monday but I’ll revise laterrrrrrr.

Got some French to do as well but I’m saving best til last of course. <3

P.S. Adele just came on.. that woman is amazing.