Tips for AS exams

As requested by an anon yesterday!

In theory, aim to stay on top of your work, understanding it as you go along instead of leaving it all til the end, but don’t worry if you can’t, because I never could, even though I tried. I was absolutely hopeless throughout the term then I’d study during study leave and then do fine in the exams. So it is possible. But do aim to keep on top of it, if you can.

Any other advice would be subject specific so feel free to ask if it’s Bio, Chem, Maths or French you’re worried about!

so does watching Breaking Bad count as studying Chemistry

how about if I draw mechanisms involving methlyamine every time they mention it? no? i took three days off school and i still feel awful and i need to do work but i really can’t, i just feel so ill, i’m so behind on school work :(

P.S. omg on BB they made a battery and i know how to do that i feel so accomplished

i’ve gotten to that point in my chemistry studying where i had a dream last night that i had a poster that said "my thoughts are carbon chains i can’t fathom into benzene rings"


i have no words for this 

Oh, my God

Someone posted the Chemistry paper on the Student Room and oh my God I lost 5 marks because I DIDN’T SEE TWO OF THE QUESTIONS. I DIDN’T SEE THEM. Why am I such a blithering idiot?! What is wrong with me?! They were SUCH easy marks, FML.

Luckily though… it shouldn’t make too much of a difference, I counted up my marks using the unofficial mark scheme and hopefully I got around 92/100. I just need all the UMS points I can get to bump up my ISA mark :// GAH *angst*

On a lighter note, I finally got 35/35 on a French essay so looking hopeful for Friday. And my French teacher asked me if I minded them buying my exam essay back, which is slightly weird since I haven’t even done it yet, but yeah that was nice. Sigh. 

I’m off


A Level Chemistry exam in 3 hours

My future basically depends on this exam, no pressure there…

Ohhh wow.

Just watched House, I was not expecting that ending at all… I was literally staring at the screen like :O WTF. As if there’s only next week left, it’s so sad, I’m gonna miss it so much :|

PS. Had my Chemistry exam and it was okay. Sigh. One down, six to go.

It’s nearly 11pm and I have an exam tomorrow so I’m off to bed, wahhhh


  • last episode of House EVER coming out tonight
  • chemistry a level exam tomorrow

I don’t know which one to be more upset about. I am not prepared to watch Wilson die. And I DON’T WANT TO REVISE ANYMORE rgkjkjgoioplkvmf. There’s gonna be tears tonighttt

I cannot believe I slept for 15 hours last night.

6pm - 9am. New record for me! At least I’ve caught up on a week’s worth of lost sleep, I feel pretty great actually. Can’t believe my exams start on Tuesday though. Guess I’ll be revising D1 and Chem Unit 1 this weekend then, which isn’t bad at all to be fair. Happily sitting in bed drinking coffee, surfin’ da net and listening to The Honey Trees. It’s lovely moments like this that make me put things into perspective and just chill out. :) Will start revising soon though I promise

science puns amuse me faaar too much

okay I feel like I’ve been successful today in terms of chemistry revision! so now to go for a run, watch Friends then get ready for bed. determined to wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and happy and ready for four periods of maths… okay I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for four periods of maths but I’m definitely aiming for refreshed and happy. woop.

So I kinda neglected Maths today but at the same time I basically finished Unit 1 Chem so it’s all good. Been through two legacy papers… they’re pretty much the same as the new ones, if not somewhat easier actually. So yeah I’m in a pretty good mood today. Also we’re having chicken for dinner. Gotta love chicken.

Is it weird that I now look forward to getting on the treadmill in the evenings? It’s addictive, seriously.

It’s 11:40AM.

I’m going to shower, then switch off my laptop and put it somewhere out of reach and start revising Maths. Then when I get bored I’ll start doing those flipping Unit 1 Chemistry legacy papers. Sigh. So glad I have tomorrow off too. I’m definitely much more in the revision mood than I was at Easter, that was crap. I’m feeling slightly more optimistic now… 9 days until my first exam though :|

Oh I could sail the world, search through the darkest waters, I’d never find, these golden eyes

See you later ~


Just did 20 minutes running on the treadmill, then a heck of a load of sit ups! Woo! Really proud of myself, and haven’t been snacking at all today!

The Apprentice sucks though, just sayin’. I used to enjoy it so much but now that I’ve grown old and cynical (lol) I can see that they just pick a bunch of people who look funny on TV, certainly not the brightest business minds of the UK. Otherwise we’re in deep trouble. (I admit though, last year’s winner, Tom - I loved him all the way through, haha)

Ok I just went on youtube and saw a featured video called “Beasts of the southern wild” but I read it has “breasts of the southern wild” and I was just like wtf o_o it’s like that weird ad I always get on my email… “win one ridiculously large coupon!” which is odd enough on it’s own but I ALWAYS read it as “ridiculously large tampon”… There’s something wrong with me.

Off to showerrrr. Not even gonna think about revising for tomorrow’s chemistry mock it’s a hopeless case 

Chemistry mock tomorrow

ieurioeiwropiweprw I am not feeling ready. And like, there’s some people who’ll say they’re not ready, when actually they’re ready. And that annoys me, because I am seriously not ready. Bleh. Got an A on my Biology mock today though yaay