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Can you share your daily routine? I am asking as I am wondering how you fit so muxh of studying in such a tight schedule.

I’m curious as to why you think I do ‘so much’ studying - at the moment I actually just get the bare minimum done (basically, my homework) and that’s pretty much it. I don’t really have time to do anything else… I only really revise and study when it comes to exam time and I’m preparing for an exam. But anyway, how I get all my homework done is, I try to do as much as possible in my free time at school instead of waiting until I get home. A lot of people waste their free time at school but I think it’s important to utilise it correctly - you end up with a lot more free time at home (so you can waste it on Tumblr). Oh also, it’s important to spend only the required time on a set piece of work. Previously when I used to struggle with work load it was because I was spending too long on stuff that didn’t need it. Identify what you need to do to get whatever grade you need, and just do that. And when you do something, put your laptop/phone away and just GET ON WITH IT. It’ll be done so much quicker.



to brush (against); (subject) to touch upon

"Cela effleure à peine le sujet.” This barely scratches the surface (of the topic).

Although Mr Oakley seemed to be wholly against this and recommends sticking to ‘cela touche à peine’. Mind you I think I did confuse him by misspelling it as ‘affleure’ which of course.. makes no sense. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m pretty proud of myself. For a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m actually eating relatively healthy food and have successfully resisted eating a packet of crisps tonight. Secondly, when I went to get said healthy food, I noticed that the dishwasher needed emptying and did it without being asked to (yes, this is big for me). And finally, I just marked that Biology past paper, and I got… 96%!!!!! BRING ON THE A*.


I’ve pretty much always wanted to do Medicine, and even though recently, since it’s drawing so close, I’ve been feeling a bit wary about it, I’m still pretty certain I want to do it (and Medicine with French would be all the better). But I’ve also been thinking, if I didn’t want to do Medicine, what would I do? And what’s worrying me is that my mind’s drawing a blank. Actually, not quite… wouldn’t a degree in French be amazing, my mind keeps telling me? And.. wouldn’t it? Why am I trying to push that idea out of my head?

Sometimes I think, it’s what I enjoy the most, why shouldn’t I do it? Then I think about it properly and, well.. the thing is, yes, French would be so amazingly fun to study. I’d have a brilliant four years. But then what? I don’t really want to be a teacher, or a translator, that’s not what I want to do with my life. These days people do lovely and interesting courses, have the time of their lives, and then graduate and have a lot of trouble finding a job they want, probably ending up getting a completely unrelated job just because that’s all they can get. There’s just this culture of wanting to do what you ‘enjoy’ at university, which is all well and good in some circumstances, in fact in a perfect world, we’d all do that. Except in this financial climate you can’t really afford to do that, you have to do something practical. It’s a bit worrying how many people are just delving into degrees they enjoy without thinking about the future. So many graduates now just can’t find jobs. And actually, this isn’t even useless degrees I’m talking about. It’s just that jobs these days are getting fewer and fewer, it’s not really sustainable for everyone just to do what they enjoy.

I don’t even really know what the point of this post is, I think I’ve rambled and repeated myself a lot. I guess what I’m saying is… very few people are actually thinking about what they’re going to do after their degree. I think it’s important to think about the future, and a lot of young people these days just don’t want to. Understandably, because it doesn’t look too exciting to be honest. But it is important, we have to get out of this frame of mind of just living in the moment and not thinking about anything else. In a way I feel lucky because Medicine is what interests me, and it is what I want I can see myself doing in life, and it guarantees you a job. And if I can study it with French, just because I love French so much, that’d be great. I am worried about the hard work and pressure but I think I just have to learn to deal with that. Everything worthwhile needs a bit of sacrifice right?

Et voici, the most gone off-topic post ever. But hey I guess it all fits the initial title of ‘worrying’, I’m even worrying about the post now.

That picture below is just so accurate.

Anyway. It’s Saturday and I have two and a half weeks of revision ahead of me. Three Maths exams (MY WHOLE AS WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE, THE WHOLE AS SYLLABUS COVERED IN ONE TERM) Biology, Chemistry and General Studies… sigh. It’s gonna be so fun.

However, I’m feeling really happy right now because I have a totally new perspective on life, and especially school/exams. There’s no point stressing because… it doesn’t help anything. It makes things worse, I can’t sleep, my work gets worse, I stress even more. So from now on I’m going to try to stay chilled at all times, stay happy, stay smiling. Because what’s the point getting the best grades if I’m unhappy? I’d much rather be happy.

Just had a shower, wearing the comfiest big jumper ever and I’m reading this French novel that my teacher gave me whilst drinking a cup of tea. Think I’m having today off. :)

yay finished chemistry.

also just had a really nice chicken sandwich.

so now do i do my mock trial stuff or start revising biology..? :|

last night was amazing, my friend came round and we watched films. pride and prejudice just never ceases to amaze me, i love love love love love it. mr darcy and elizabeth are so perfect.

also whilst watching i had flashbacks of the time last year or the year before when me and monica had to act out the scene where mr collins proposed to lizzie for our GCSE english. guess who was mr collins. just the thought of professing my ‘violent affections’ still cracks me up. ~

so apparently it takes me 3 hours to wake up properly. i’m fine now.. unfortunately that means that in a couple of hours when it’s actually bed time i’ll still be wide awake. sigh. but i’m glad i’m feeling better. sorted out my room, i’m gonna do some homework now, then watch the new episode of House. then sleep really late and wake up tomorrow feeling like a zombie and.. the cycle starts over again.

my day was good today though. enjoying biology now that we’re studying actual diseases and not just structure of cells and all that shizzle. it’s been so mundane since september. but it’s good now. my french teacher wasn’t in so we watched La Vie En Rose… amazing film. then chemistry, and we’re doing my favourite topic so i actually didn’t feel stupid for once. there’s just something about those electrons i really like.. lol oh dear, moving on. lunch was fun, went to the met cafe with Claire and yeah. the weather’s nice these days. sunny but chilly. that’s how i like it :) then it was maths and wednesday maths lessons are always awesome. so woo. ~

I can hear the rain, it’s so loud but it sounds so pretty.. think I’m gonna head off to bed. This essay can be finished tomorrow :/ for some reason I just cannot get inspired when talking about advertising. Sigh. Goodnight all x

Been reading the Mock Law Trial thing and I’m really, really happy with it. Good times, I’m actually very excited for the audition. Gonna get a good night’s sleep now because I’m absolutely shattered, and hopefully I’ll be refreshed and motivated tomorrow, ready to start working through my huge pile of homework. My nose is running a bit though, I really hope I’m not getting a cold, I’ve just gotten over one and I hate being ill. By the way - did any of you do the EPQ? If so, what did you do it on and how relevant was it to what you want to do at uni? If anyone can tell me anything about their experience that’d be wonderful :)

Goodnight x

Feel like I should be working tonight but I can’t seem to bring myself to :( want to be productive! This weekend I have to do French, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and General Studies. So, everything, haha. I want to do one of them tonight but… maybe if I rest I’ll be extra motivated tomorrow. Just maybe. xD I also need to learn the audition material for the Advocate… (incidently, Mr Oakley wrote ‘Audition’ as ‘Aution’ on the top of the booklet, made me laugh) but that should be fun. I want to know it inside out because I’m desperate to be chosen!

The weather’s been amazing far too hot this week. But we’re having a BBQ tomorrow which should be nice. It’s weird, it feels like summer’s come around again! Won’t last long I’m sure. Can’t wait to start wearing coats again, I love my winter wardrobe ~

have to wear a suit to school tomorrow, casually freaking out about whether or not to wear heels…

and about the fact that my school bag looks ridiculous with a suit.

and also that i’m getting my maths test back tomorrow and i know i’ve done absolutely shit in it.

eirueopwurpiweurwrw. at least i have french….


so angry.

can’t fucking believe my parents are mad at me.

basically i have no free periods because i’ve chosen further fucking maths, so OBVIOUSLY i can’t do work experience in a care home during my free periods because I DON’T HAVE ANY. AND WHEN I ASK THEM IF I CAN GET A LIFT ON A SATURDAY MORNING SO I CAN DO IT THEN MY DAD POINT BLANK REFUSES WHILST MY BROTHER’S BEEN GETTING LIFTS TO FUCKING FOOTBALL EVERY SATURDAY FOR THE PAST 7 FUCKING YEARS.

they’re mad at me for being tired, they’re mad at me for doing my homework, they’re mad at me for having no free periods, they’re mad at me for enjoying french, they’re mad at me for EVERYTHING I DO AND NONE OF IT IS MY FUCKING FAULT.

why can’t i have understanding parents. there are some people out there who’d actually be NICE to their daughter if they knew she was under a lot of pressure at school, and would try to be extra accommodating and considerate. but NO. MY PARENTS ARE FUCKING LUNATICS.

First three days of 6th form were amazing. Absolutely loving the freedom, and the lessons, and the teachers! Everything about it is brilliant. So happy. :)

Also there’s a girl who’s moved from France in Year 10 and I went to speak her - gosh she talks fast. But she’s lovely and I think I’m going to try to talk to her more often… not purely for selfish reasons of course :P actually I was asked to do it because she was feeling a bit shell-shocked, what with being thrown into an English school and not speaking English very well… I cannot imagine how awful that must be. However, Marie-Melodie will indeed be instrumental in improving my speaking and listening comprehension skills xD

I have a really bad cold. :( I finished my tissue box… and had to resort to using the tissue which I had used as a bookmark inside The Hunger Games. Sighh. It’s such a good book so far… shame I have no idea where I’m up to. Can’t wait for this stupid cold to go. But I can’t wait for school to start tomorrow even more. Woohoo, omg. So excited :)

My friends are all like ‘Goodnight! Need to get some sleep for tomorrow!’ and I’m like ‘Yeah you’re right, night night!’ but inside I’m like HOW CAN THEY SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP *throws up with nervousness*

Thinking of watching Half-Blood Prince. That film really annoys me though. It’s my favourite book so I was really looking forward to it when it came out… and it was such a disappointment. But then time goes on and I’m like ‘it can’t have been that bad?’ so I watch it again and I’m like yep… it’s bad. Then time goes on again and… here am I, telling myself I should watch it, when I know it’s only going to annoy me. Maybe I should watch House since I made my friends buy me all the boxsets ~ then… Inception. Then Pride and Prejudice. And yeah. I’ll be tumblin’ of course. Highly doubt I’ll be sleeping at all tonight.