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If it was totally up to you, and the world was a little mindless thing and you didn't have to bear in any consequences what would you want to be?

Interesting question, but can you just clarify, do you mean what job would I want to have?

Edit: Well since you’re not replying I’ll assume that’s what you mean. And actually, if I didn’t have to bear any consequences, I would want to do so much! I mean at the moment I’ve chosen Medicine and that is what I want to do, but it does upset me sometimes that there are so many things that interest me, that I enjoy, that I will never be able to do, because it’s simply not feasible to do them all! I would still want to be a doctor for a little while, then I’d like to study Law and be a lawyer, be a novelist, do a degree in French then live in an apartment in France and work in a bookshop… become an actress, star in a few really amazing films… then study Maths and Programming and become some sort of programmer. Work for Google. WORK FOR TUMBLR. And be a vlogger/blogger the whole time.

There’s probably a whole lot more I’d like to do too - definitely would want to travel the world. So I guess you could say I’m interested in a lot of things. I think my main problem is that I feel that the world is too big and full of amazing things to do for one tiny life-span. You gotta pick which is annoying, but I am happy with my choices. (Doesn’t mean I’ll stop dreaming about being a famous lawyer/novelist/actress/librarian/blogger/programmer though.)


J’ai voté pour la France, pour les français, pour l’Europe aussi. J’ai voté pour la Justice, pour l’Egalité, de droit, de fait. J’ai voté pour voter, pour donner le ton, pour me faire plaisir, par civisme, par obligation. J’ai voté pour sauver le monde, pour le rendre plus propre, plus vert, plus rouge, plus beau, plus fort, plus mieux.

J’ai voté parce que je n’en n’avais rien à faire, parce que je ne savais pas quoi dire. J’ai voté par abstention. J’ai voté pour mes idéaux, pour combattre ceux des autres. J’ai voté pour mes droits, pour ne plus avoir de devoir. J’ai voté pour interdire les riches, et pour le devenir. J’ai voté pour le pouvoir d’achat, pour des cigarettes moins chères, pour de l’alcool plus fort, pour proteger ma couverture santé. J’ai voté pour tout, et surtout pour son contraire. J’ai voté pour la nouveauté, mais je voudrais ne rien changer.

J’ai voté pour la nouvelle collection Lanvin, pour Apple, et la meilleure salle de sport du quartier. J’ai voté pour le métier dont je rêve, pour arrêter celui qui me fait me lever. J’ai voté  pour que mon ex me rappelle et me dise qu’il s’est trompé. J’ai voté pour que mon roman se vende,et surtout pour le commencer. J’ai voté pour de grandes idées, pour ne pas perdre ma place de parking, pour ne plus faire la queue au supermarché.

J’ai voté pour Dieu, pour une prière à laquelle je ne crois même pas.

Finalement j’ai voté pour moi, alors que les autres ne pensent qu’à eux.

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I’ve been up since 5am and I am absolutely shattered so this is gonna be a short one. But that was the best trip I’ve ever had in my entire life, it was absolutely perfect in every way and I loved it. Every single thing. So so so happy! Wish I could do it all over again!

Really weird dreams.

I dreamt that I went to see the final Harry Potter film and they changed the ending so that what actually happened at the end was that Harry found a time-turner and went back in time until when Voldemort was a teen and hadn’t made any Horcruxes and destroyed him… And I remember walking out of the cinema SO ANGRY, hahaha. Why am I so weird?

Anyway, about to go to a market with Elvire and later tonight we’re going to the cinema, wooooooooooo. I am so happyyyy

Bonjour !

Just about to go out for lunch, we’re having pizza I think, and then we’re going shopping! I spoke to my little brother on the phone yesterday, I miss him so much.. and when he told me he’d made me a Valentine’s Card and wanted me to come back so he could give it to me I nearly cried :( he is the most adorable thing ever.

Also.. I think I might be meeting Melvin tomorrow.. ehrhyzoureizruheztuhez

Having an amazing time in France!

Visited La Citadel today, which was absolutely beautiful! Followed by a fromegerie, not quite so beautiful mais bon, interesting experience. I just watched Le Chaperon Rouge and it was really good so gonna head off to bed now, had such an early morning today. So excited to go shopping tomorrow!


and having extreme difficulty typing with this azerty keyboard so this is gonna be a quicky.. basically having the time of my life. Seriously. EVERYTHING IS AMAZING.


Literally couldn’t get more excited, irujfoieruwtfoiewofhtr :’)

Hopefully gonna be able to get on the Internet from France but if not, SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY GUYS! So freakin’ excited that not even the thought of getting up at 06:30 tomorrow is getting me downnnnn


Also, just about to watch House with a cup of tea and some Shreddies so life’s rather perfect right now ~ 

So I’m a plonker,

as Junior Doctors was on today, not yesterday. Remembered just in time to watch it though. Genuinely love it so much. :’)

I’ve nearly finished packing for France on Thursday!!! I am beyond excited. Cannot believe that I am actually going to France! I’ve never been before, ejropweuroieuwrweouirwe, I CAN’T WAIT!


Why was Junior Doctors not on today?