Tips for AS exams

As requested by an anon yesterday!

In theory, aim to stay on top of your work, understanding it as you go along instead of leaving it all til the end, but don’t worry if you can’t, because I never could, even though I tried. I was absolutely hopeless throughout the term then I’d study during study leave and then do fine in the exams. So it is possible. But do aim to keep on top of it, if you can.

Any other advice would be subject specific so feel free to ask if it’s Bio, Chem, Maths or French you’re worried about!

If anyone wants to write my French essay I’ll pay you


have a French essay about le bloody petit prince and it’s due tomorrow and it’s still a pile of bullshit and i’m so sleepyyy

Anonymous asked:
Hello! (: I was wondering if you could recommend any tumblrs to follow which are written in french, because I'm finishing up my fourth year of french soon and am not planning to continue taking H2 french but I'd like to try not to forget it, haha, so if you've got any recommendations that would be really helpful! thank you (:

Hi :) I’m really sorry but I can’t think of any off the top of my head! But I will keep a look out, if you message me off anon so I know who you are I can pass them onto you. Also if any of my followers know any will you let me know? Thanks x

Anonymous asked:
How hard is french to you? Because I like it and I think i do fairly well in it but when it comes to tests and exams i don`t do so well in it. =\

I find French really easy but only because I practised a lot. If you like it but don’t do well in exams maybe you just need to practice more exam style questions?

Anonymous asked:
Hi. I take 7 GCSE subject and I'm wondering if I can take one of them as Edexcel. I want to take French in Edexcel because I'm finding it hard...

Uhmm, the exam board will entirely depend on what your school chooses. But honestly AQA French is pretty easy, message me off anon and I’ll be happy to help.

Finally home.

I’m glad to be back, it’s been a tiring few days. But I’m also glad that I’ve been able to help my grandparents out so much. It’s so sad how much their health has deteriorated recently but I guess you can’t do anything but help out as much as you can.

In other news, it’s my birthday in exactly a month! So I guess it’s time to start making a list of what I want, haha. Was talking to Arvid about French novels and he suggested an author called Romain Gary; been looking into him and I’m thinking I’d probably like to get a couple of his books. Not sure which ones yet (he has so many and they all look so interesting) but Arvid recommended Les Cerfs-Volants and La Promesse De L’Aube - anyone read them?

Not really sure what else I want… I know my mum’s getting me a really big bottle of the perfume I want, Calvin Klein IN2U (classy name I know, but it smells like heaven, I’m actually obsessed with it) so that’s that, not expecting anything else at all from my parents as they booked me a plane ticket to Dubai in a couple of weeks, lol. 

So I dunno really. Clothes? I do want clothes. But I’m really picky and need to try things on before I buy them. So maybe store vouchers - H&M would be good. Or actually, omg, TRAFFORD CENTRE GIFT CARDS. That would be absolutely one hundred percent perfect. Okay that is definitely what I want. :P

Mulling over whether I want Season 7 House DVDs or not - on the one hand, I have 1-6, and I like having collections, but on the other… I can watch them all online for free. So it just seems like a bit of a waste of money. Hm. Alright I’m really sleepy now so will head off to bed. Starting my art project tomorrow! And also starting Season 4 of Prison Break. Exciting stuff. Goodnight!

P.S. Claire I’m still expecting an original present from you bbz

Anonymous asked:
Hello Mariam, Do you remember me? Laurent =). I just wanna tell you that tomorrow I'm going in North America (Montreal and New York City). And I want you to know that I'm about to fulfil my dream! USA ;) (and Canada of course ahah). A lot of kisses, sweet :) see you soon :)

Oh mon Dieu, Laurent! Ca fait tellement longtemps! Mais bien sur je me souviens de toi, je pourrais pas t’oublier. Ooh la la, la chance, je suis tellement heureuse que tu puisses enfin realiser ton reve! Raconte-moi tout, n’oublie pas… bisous mon cheri, bon voyage :)

Anonymous asked:
If it was totally up to you, and the world was a little mindless thing and you didn't have to bear in any consequences what would you want to be?

Interesting question, but can you just clarify, do you mean what job would I want to have?

Edit: Well since you’re not replying I’ll assume that’s what you mean. And actually, if I didn’t have to bear any consequences, I would want to do so much! I mean at the moment I’ve chosen Medicine and that is what I want to do, but it does upset me sometimes that there are so many things that interest me, that I enjoy, that I will never be able to do, because it’s simply not feasible to do them all! I would still want to be a doctor for a little while, then I’d like to study Law and be a lawyer, be a novelist, do a degree in French then live in an apartment in France and work in a bookshop… become an actress, star in a few really amazing films… then study Maths and Programming and become some sort of programmer. Work for Google. WORK FOR TUMBLR. And be a vlogger/blogger the whole time.

There’s probably a whole lot more I’d like to do too - definitely would want to travel the world. So I guess you could say I’m interested in a lot of things. I think my main problem is that I feel that the world is too big and full of amazing things to do for one tiny life-span. You gotta pick which is annoying, but I am happy with my choices. (Doesn’t mean I’ll stop dreaming about being a famous lawyer/novelist/actress/librarian/blogger/programmer though.)

Anonymous asked:
Can you recommend some good French movies?

I haven’t actually seen that many! Les Choristes is good, also you might like Jean de Florette if you’re into that type of thing… Hmm. Oh you know what I saw recently in class, L’Auberge Espagnole, I enjoyed that. Also its sequel. The problem is every time I ask someone French for a good movie recommendation they’re always like “oh French films are rubbish we watch the American/English ones” and I’m like… right. So I’m probably not the best person to ask, sorry!

Anonymous asked:
Can you please share some tips on how to excel at GCSE French?
  • Put work in all year round, not just at the end
  • Learn key vocab
  • Do past papers and look at mark schemes when you’re done
  • You do controlled assessments - for God’s sake, you get to learn the writing and speaking exams OFF BY HEART. So do it! You have no idea how many people I know who didn’t just because they couldn’t be bothered. And remember that the bulk of marks come from content, not grammar/accent/spelling (although they are quite important too)
  • Don’t stress out about it, it’s much simpler than you think
  • Outline what your weaknesses are and target them specifically and determinedly. I, for example, always found Listening the hardest, so I practised once a week outside of lessons for the whole of Year 10 and 11. Now I find it an absolute doddle. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Olympics Opening Ceremony

It started off very well, really liked the beginning and even the weird NHS thing was sweet. The sight of J.K. Rowling always reduces the inner Harry Potter fan-girl within me to tears, so that was nice. But then for a little while it descended into what I would politely call lunacy. Definitely not what I would call impressive. But hey ho, what do I know. Curious to know what people from all around the world thought of it. (Heard that a Tory MP tweeted that it was ‘multicultural crap’ - but this is the guy who was sacked for attending a Nazi-themed stag party.)

But then the parade of athletes was great, really loved watching that. I don’t know why but something about the unity and together-ness (not a word, but it should be) made me feel really emotional and just, happy, inside. And they all looked so happy. Well, who wouldn’t be, parading to ‘Stayin’ Alive’?

I was taken aback to hear everything first said in French then repeated in English! I googled it though and found that people had already started asking on Wiki and Yahoo answers; apparently the founder of the modern Olympic Games was French, and French and English are recognised as the official languages of the Olympics? Interesting.

So yeah. Let the Triwizard Tournament Olympic Games begin! (The beginning bit of the ceremony was very Harry Potter-esque wasn’t it? Was it just me who thought that they’d be getting the Goblet of Fire out any second?!)

AS French exam over!

That technology essay question was a GOD SEND. So unbelievably happy about that! Perfect perfect perfect. Couple of the reading/listening questions were a bit dodgy (how the hell is “traditional French lunches are disappearing” a reason for obesity?) but apart from that, relatively easy really, and the Cloze Sentences were a breeze ;) omg only one exam left! I have three weeks to absolutely smash C3 which is fine really! I am in such a good mood, the weather is perfect, my exams are nearly over, and next week I’m going with my family to spend the weekend at a B&B by the seaside :’) loving life!

Edit: I just figured out that obesity thing! It means they’re having more fast food. I think. I mean to me it didn’t make sense cos I figured traditional French lunches were like 4 courses and they ate loads but… I guess it’s all healthy nutritious food? Ah well.