Biology paper was a really good one thank the Lord. Just General Studies tomorrow which means a pretty chilled day doing some last minute Chemistry revision for Wednesday. Not been on Tumblr much recently because I’m kicking the procrastination habit ;) but tonight I’m just chillaxin’ after yesterday’s hardcore studying. Been re-reading The Fault In Our Stars and oh, my God. I don’t think it could get any more perfect. John Green is one of the very few authors who can actually make me laugh out loud. Except this time I’m getting upset even from the start because I know what’s going to happen :( I want Augustus and Hazel to be happy forever and ever and ever

General Studies exam.

Anyone else think it was a really awesome paper? Just me? Lol, omg. Just love the fact that in the lesson before the exam I was looking through my French essay on advantages/disadvantages of the internet… and that was the friggin’ 14 mark question! Only difficulty was trying not to accidentally write in French, hahaha. Woop. Also… the first question on the multiple choice was the translation of a French word, ‘renaissance’. Couldn’t really ask for much better than that! Anyways, since I have never looked at a mark-scheme and I have no idea what the standards are for General Studies I couldn’t really tell if you if I thought I’d done well or not. But I enjoyed it. :P

Biology tomorrow! Just been revising and I feel pretty confident, fingers crossed. Gonna make myself a hot chocolate and watch House to wind down. :) 

That picture below is just so accurate.

Anyway. It’s Saturday and I have two and a half weeks of revision ahead of me. Three Maths exams (MY WHOLE AS WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE, THE WHOLE AS SYLLABUS COVERED IN ONE TERM) Biology, Chemistry and General Studies… sigh. It’s gonna be so fun.

However, I’m feeling really happy right now because I have a totally new perspective on life, and especially school/exams. There’s no point stressing because… it doesn’t help anything. It makes things worse, I can’t sleep, my work gets worse, I stress even more. So from now on I’m going to try to stay chilled at all times, stay happy, stay smiling. Because what’s the point getting the best grades if I’m unhappy? I’d much rather be happy.

Just had a shower, wearing the comfiest big jumper ever and I’m reading this French novel that my teacher gave me whilst drinking a cup of tea. Think I’m having today off. :)

Well this would’ve made our General Studies discussion about art very interesting..

Feel like I should be working tonight but I can’t seem to bring myself to :( want to be productive! This weekend I have to do French, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and General Studies. So, everything, haha. I want to do one of them tonight but… maybe if I rest I’ll be extra motivated tomorrow. Just maybe. xD I also need to learn the audition material for the Advocate… (incidently, Mr Oakley wrote ‘Audition’ as ‘Aution’ on the top of the booklet, made me laugh) but that should be fun. I want to know it inside out because I’m desperate to be chosen!

The weather’s been amazing far too hot this week. But we’re having a BBQ tomorrow which should be nice. It’s weird, it feels like summer’s come around again! Won’t last long I’m sure. Can’t wait to start wearing coats again, I love my winter wardrobe ~