heiuerhrertwew nintendo <3

it’s so awesome. i noticed i lost a follower by the way, after posting the first zelda thing. how rude. well if you unfollow because of that, i don’t even want you to be a follower. :(

okay, i’m off to get my coffee and toast, then i must start revising geography again :| this time tomorrow i’ll be doing my exam.. and then an hour and a quarter later i’ll have finished and summer will begin. awwwwwyeahhhhhhhhhhh.



i can’t tell you how interesting the Common Agricultural Policy is. you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t know what it is so i might be kind enough to enlighten you all later on

brb. :(

need to revise Geography for my last exam on Friday (!!) can’t believe I only have one left, I’m actually rather overjoyed. :D so, population, development and tourism, COME AT ME BRO.

i’m in a good mood. i was texting my friend at 1am last night and she made me see my situation in a whole new light. VIVEMENT L’ANNEE PROCHAINE, was our conclusion. make of that what you will. see you :’)


Geography Paper 1 and ICT tomorrow.. Please somebody kill me in my sleep so I can die a peaceful death. That’s a joke by the way, for any eager psychopaths out there.

You know what’s made me feel like crap? The fact that whilst tidying my room I found my ICT Case Study.. which I’d forgotten about. And haven’t looked at for two weeks. So I guess instead of writing this I should be studying it :|

Good luck to everyone sitting exams tomorrow x

Geography revision: Yellowstone

30 minute video I found really useful —>

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loving the new ‘answer privately’ function on the messages. and the fact that there was a prominent red number one at the top so i could tell i had one straight away. i think i like this new tumblr!  how are you guys doing today?

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ewthferter another Geog case study

Why are countries within the EU contrasting in development?
Case Study: Bulgaria VS Ireland

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need to learn a Geography case study but I really can’t be bothered writing anymore

and so I’m going to type it out here.

How do natural hazards affect a country’s ability to develop?
Case study - Haiti

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Because Google Chrome totally wins. Every time.

I think I’ll head off to bed now. Got a nice long day of Geography/ICT revision to look forward to tomorrow. See you later xo

so good to have my laptop back ♥

Got my second History unit done! Only one left :} it was so refreshing to do something that wasn’t Geography. I’ll post some History revision later this evening to help anyone who’s also trying to revise it.

I have a bit of a dilemma, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I love this theme, and it’s absolutely perfect for normal text posts and pretty pictures, but the layout gets really messed up if I post something that’s been reblogged loads of times and people have added messages to, like all those ‘the awkward moment when’ posts, the cereal guy ones, all the awesome memes and hilarious gifs… and I scroll through my dashboard, and I like them, when really I’d love to reblog them so that my followers can see them too, but I know it messes up the layout. So, I have three choices. Either, get a new layout (which I really don’t want to do since it took me over an hour to find this one), create a ‘Likes’ page, which has everything I’ve liked on it (I’m sure I’ve seen other people with this page, it would be great if someone could tell me how to do that? Cos I tried, I went into Customize but couldn’t work it out) and the third option is just to do nothing and carry on the same as ever.

I’d appreciate any advice/ideas. Just leave them in my ask box :) Thanks! Looking forward to The Apprentice tonight ^^

geography - tectonics

Supervolcanoes are on a much bigger scale than normal volcanoes. They are capable of producing huge volcanic eruptions - up to 1000 cubic km of ash/lava - and this would have global consequences. They occur when magma rises up to the crust from a hot spot but is unable to break through. Pressure builds up until the crust is unable to contain the pressure and explodes. An example of a supervolcano which formed at a hotspot is Yellowstone, USA. If it erupted it would probably destroy 10,000km of land, kill 87,000 people, affect transport, electricity, water and farming. The UK would await the arrival of ash around 5 days later. Global climates would change and crops would fail. However, now, it is a major tourist attraction and there are lots of activities availible for a range of people such as hiking, cycling, boating, camping and wild-life viewing.

italianmobster-deactivated20130 asked:
heyyaa, hows the revision? :D

healthynarcissism replied: Hey! It actually went really well today, finished the ‘Coasts’ module of my Geography and did all the past paper questions on it, so pretty pleased about that. One more module left for Paper 1, ‘Tectonics’, but since I already did it during the Easter holidays I think it’ll be a quickie, hopefully I’ll finish it this evening so I can do something different tomorrow. How about you? ^^