What a lovely morning.

Woke up at 9pm, made some coffee, and I’ve been sat here for an hour now reading John Green’s answers to questions related to TFiOS (here) which is making me feel this strange mix of nostalgic and happy. I know this is completely weird, but with John Green’s books, once I’ve read them, I almost feel proud to have read them. Having them as part of my life feels kinda special to be honest, like I’m lucky. No books have ever affected me more than John’s have. God, I love that man.

So, thank you to Tumblr for bombarding me with so many Looking For Alaska quotations that I felt desperate to read it, and thanks a million to Beth for actually buying it for me for my birthday. You’re amazing.

Anyway when I’ve finished reading the questions I’m gonna make myself some toast and maybe watch the House Special: Swan Song. Feeling very sentimental today it seems. :)

I’m tireddddd but my brother’s home from uni for the weekend so I’m gonna watch House with him and talk for a bit. I’ve already seen it but he doesn’t like watching it without me, aren’t I a good sister? Gonna try to get to sleep asap though because I have so much homework to do this weekend.

Have you ever seen someone’s hand and just longed to reach out and hold it?

Anonymous asked:
Do you think I should watch House?!

healthynarcissism replied: you should DEFINITELY watch House. it’s brilliant.

House Season 7 finale.



"We finally know what Taub would look like if he was life-sized!"

Season 7 House, Episode 9 “Larger Than Life”.

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"She’s like the Internet with breasts. Oh, no, wait - the Internet has breasts."

So it does. Season 7 House, Episode 6 “Office Politics”

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"Gotta head off for worst worst first.. I studied under Dr. Seuss."

House, Episode 2, Season 7 - “Selfish”. Actually the first episode of House that has ever made me cry.

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"The only time you’re afraid is when you’re happy, because you don’t expect it to last."

Just watched Episode 1 of Season 7 House - “Now What?” - and… wow. Just wow.

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