Just made an amazing smoothie

  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • bananas
  • honey
  • fat-free yoghurt

It was absolutely divine omg ieprfiweopriweoprpwrwgg and I counted the cost of the ingredients and it cost like, less than 50p to make a really big glass. I will never ever buy pre-made smoothies again!

So I kinda neglected Maths today but at the same time I basically finished Unit 1 Chem so it’s all good. Been through two legacy papers… they’re pretty much the same as the new ones, if not somewhat easier actually. So yeah I’m in a pretty good mood today. Also we’re having chicken for dinner. Gotta love chicken.

Is it weird that I now look forward to getting on the treadmill in the evenings? It’s addictive, seriously.


Just did 20 minutes running on the treadmill, then a heck of a load of sit ups! Woo! Really proud of myself, and haven’t been snacking at all today!

The Apprentice sucks though, just sayin’. I used to enjoy it so much but now that I’ve grown old and cynical (lol) I can see that they just pick a bunch of people who look funny on TV, certainly not the brightest business minds of the UK. Otherwise we’re in deep trouble. (I admit though, last year’s winner, Tom - I loved him all the way through, haha)

Ok I just went on youtube and saw a featured video called “Beasts of the southern wild” but I read it has “breasts of the southern wild” and I was just like wtf o_o it’s like that weird ad I always get on my email… “win one ridiculously large coupon!” which is odd enough on it’s own but I ALWAYS read it as “ridiculously large tampon”… There’s something wrong with me.

Off to showerrrr. Not even gonna think about revising for tomorrow’s chemistry mock it’s a hopeless case 

No more snacking, more exercising. I’m gonna do this! And this has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been revising Healthy Living for my French exam… lulz



to brush (against); (subject) to touch upon

"Cela effleure à peine le sujet.” This barely scratches the surface (of the topic).

Although Mr Oakley seemed to be wholly against this and recommends sticking to ‘cela touche à peine’. Mind you I think I did confuse him by misspelling it as ‘affleure’ which of course.. makes no sense. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m pretty proud of myself. For a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m actually eating relatively healthy food and have successfully resisted eating a packet of crisps tonight. Secondly, when I went to get said healthy food, I noticed that the dishwasher needed emptying and did it without being asked to (yes, this is big for me). And finally, I just marked that Biology past paper, and I got… 96%!!!!! BRING ON THE A*.


Just did a Biology past paper that was supposed to take one and a half hours in 45 minutes. So either my revision’s just been goddamn perfect or I’m a goddamn idiot, we’ll find out after I’ve marked it! But, first things first, gotta get some food… yay for wanting to eat everything in front of you and yet be on a healthy diet simultaneously.


i found an old diary entry from about 3 years ago, when i was on a major diet, and in it i’d made a note of what i’d eaten that day. porridge, an apple and vegetable soup. you know what i’ve eaten today? pizza, sausages and chocolate cake. my, how things have changed. but i definitely don’t regret losing all the weight, one of the best decisions of my life! and it means of course that now i can afford to eat crap. woohoo. and more crap tomorrow, yay for party food. i’m nervous but pretty excited, i’m not usually an awkward host but i just worry it’ll be boring… ewurwerpouweirojwerw it’ll be fine :) and after spending an hour waxing my legs, i now remember why i don’t often wear dresses. 

(Source: healthynarcissism)

Me: Mum I’m making a sandwich!

Mum: The wholemeal bread’s in the fridge.
Me: And you’re telling me this because…?
Mum: You’re being healthy aren’t you? Aren’t you?