hey hey hey.

i’m actually blogging from downstairs for the first time ever. weird feeling, i’m usually in my bedroom. it’s good to be home alone. only for another 2 hours though. i’ve actually managed to do a whole load of chemistry, pretty pleased with that. just one topic left, have to learn all the colours for the ion identification tests :| actually… i think i might know some already?

flame tests:
potassium - lilac
sodium - golden yellow
lithium - red

umm. i should probably go learn them. in a bit guyyyys.

revision break song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-pUaogoX5o

p.s. the weather today is ferocious… apparently the wind is like, 70mph? i’m thinking of building an ark soon tbh :|


House was really good, but I didn’t have that shower. Woops. Well, midnight’s a silly time to take a shower anyway. Tomorrow morning yh 

I think tomorrow I get to be home alone for the day. Which is always fun, and will inevitably involve music being blasted loud and proud and me dancing around the house like nobody’s watching. Which hopefully they won’t be. My plan is to get Unit 3 Chemistry done anyway, and go over all my poetry for Tuesday’s literature exam. Should probably start reading To Kill A Mockingbird again too, to refresh my memory. I can’t believe that after Tuesday, I will never have to study English again. Weird.