I’d rather pretend I’ll still be there in the end.

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One day you’re going to miss me chasing you, you’re going to miss my annoyingness, you’re going to miss how much I cared. You’re going to miss me.

But I don’t want you to have to miss me… I want you to look back and think to yourself, why didn’t I love her from the start? In 30 or 40 years when my grandchildren ask me who my first true love was, I don’t want to have to tell them about the man I adored for years before giving up, I want to point across the room and say “He’s right there.” because honestly, I love you, I love you, I love you, and I think I always will.

I don’t even care if this is cliche.

(Source: healthynarcissism)

I’ll get by without your smile, I’ll get through without you…

He laughs at my dreams but I dream of his laughter..

"Today is such a lovely day. At the moment I’m sitting in the garden and enjoying the sun. Beetles fly around my ears and the sun is shining in my face. I hear the birds singing and the wind brings the leaves to rustle. My hair is really messy now, but I like the feeling when hot sun rays touch your skin and cold wind moves through your clothing. I wish I wouldn’t sit here alone, daydreaming of him. I wish he was just here with me, bringing me some lemonade and kissing me, while I have to look into the sun, to look into his beautiful blue eyes. Touching his curly hair, breathing his smell. Daydreaming is everything I got."

Think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there… I beg you nice from my knees. And when the world treats you way too fairly… it’s a shame I’m a dream.

When you walk away I count the steps you take, don’t you see how much I need you right now?