Anonymous asked:
favourite books?

The Fault In Our Stars, Farenheit 451, To Kill A Mockingbird and Pride and Prejudice are probably my top four right now. Harry Potter pretty much defined my childhood though.

My friends are all like ‘Goodnight! Need to get some sleep for tomorrow!’ and I’m like ‘Yeah you’re right, night night!’ but inside I’m like HOW CAN THEY SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP *throws up with nervousness*

Thinking of watching Half-Blood Prince. That film really annoys me though. It’s my favourite book so I was really looking forward to it when it came out… and it was such a disappointment. But then time goes on and I’m like ‘it can’t have been that bad?’ so I watch it again and I’m like yep… it’s bad. Then time goes on again and… here am I, telling myself I should watch it, when I know it’s only going to annoy me. Maybe I should watch House since I made my friends buy me all the boxsets ~ then… Inception. Then Pride and Prejudice. And yeah. I’ll be tumblin’ of course. Highly doubt I’ll be sleeping at all tonight.

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