Olympics Opening Ceremony

It started off very well, really liked the beginning and even the weird NHS thing was sweet. The sight of J.K. Rowling always reduces the inner Harry Potter fan-girl within me to tears, so that was nice. But then for a little while it descended into what I would politely call lunacy. Definitely not what I would call impressive. But hey ho, what do I know. Curious to know what people from all around the world thought of it. (Heard that a Tory MP tweeted that it was ‘multicultural crap’ - but this is the guy who was sacked for attending a Nazi-themed stag party.)

But then the parade of athletes was great, really loved watching that. I don’t know why but something about the unity and together-ness (not a word, but it should be) made me feel really emotional and just, happy, inside. And they all looked so happy. Well, who wouldn’t be, parading to ‘Stayin’ Alive’?

I was taken aback to hear everything first said in French then repeated in English! I googled it though and found that people had already started asking on Wiki and Yahoo answers; apparently the founder of the modern Olympic Games was French, and French and English are recognised as the official languages of the Olympics? Interesting.

So yeah. Let the Triwizard Tournament Olympic Games begin! (The beginning bit of the ceremony was very Harry Potter-esque wasn’t it? Was it just me who thought that they’d be getting the Goblet of Fire out any second?!)

Just been thinking.

I’ve been trying to decide for a while now what my blog actually is. And I think I’ve decided that it is what my mind would look like if you could see it. I love visual aesthetics, both natural and artistic. I love literature, and the power of words, when put together in the right way, to inspire and motivate, or capture emotions, moments, feelings. I love the beauty of language in general, whether it be English, French or Arabic. I love wit and humour, from dry and cynical, to downright silly and immature. I’m always thinking about the state of our world at the moment, and although it saddens me how much cruelty there is, I love the fact that there are good people. Lots of good people. And I do believe that good will prevail over evil, however long it takes. I love talking to people, I love my friends, I love my family. I love beautiful music. I love good films. I love House MD and Doctor Who and Harry Potter and old Disney films. I love expressing myself. I just love writing. Excitement, happiness, fear, sadness, worry, whatever’s on my mind… it doesn’t matter. I love clearing up and articulating my thoughts. It let’s me think so much more clearly. :)



this is the only word i know in arabic because i never have time to do it anymore

Door. Love it when I see Arabic, being able to speak it makes me feel so accomplished even though I’m really, really not. It’s so beautiful though! مريم تحب اللغة العربية كثيرا



to brush (against); (subject) to touch upon

"Cela effleure à peine le sujet.” This barely scratches the surface (of the topic).

Although Mr Oakley seemed to be wholly against this and recommends sticking to ‘cela touche à peine’. Mind you I think I did confuse him by misspelling it as ‘affleure’ which of course.. makes no sense. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m pretty proud of myself. For a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m actually eating relatively healthy food and have successfully resisted eating a packet of crisps tonight. Secondly, when I went to get said healthy food, I noticed that the dishwasher needed emptying and did it without being asked to (yes, this is big for me). And finally, I just marked that Biology past paper, and I got… 96%!!!!! BRING ON THE A*.


to push, to move (something)

Exemple: Le vent poussait le bateau vers la côte.

The wind was pushing the boat towards the shore.

Compound forms

  • Pousser un peu
    To overdo it/go too far
  • Pousser une gueulante
    To shout one’s head off
  • Pousser quelqu’un à fair quelque chose
    To encourage/urge someone to do something.

  • C’est pousser un peu loin la plaisanterie.
    That’s pushing the joke a bit far.

  • Pousser le perfectionnisme à l’extrême 
    To be too much of a perfectionist
  • Pousser la bêtise jusqu’à faire quelque chose
    To be stupid enough to do something

  • Se pousser du col
    To be pushy 

I just love this word and it’s uses and yeah I’m a bit bored, lol.

oh by the way..

asked my parents what ‘awkward’ was in Arabic, was sure that they were gonna be like ‘oh wow i have no idea that’s so interesting’ but they both told me straight away that it was ‘muh-rij’.. so um that’s kinda awkward.

ethereal silence: The word "awkward" doesn't exist in Arabic.


I’ve tried asking a few different people how to translate “awkward” and no one has been able to do so. I’ve even looked it up myself and nothing is quite right. There is no one word that has the same meaning as awkward. All the words listed were off. So does that mean that Arabs don’t experience…

That really is interesting, I’m Arab and living in England, I use the word ‘awkward’ about a hundred times on a daily basis, and I’m struggling to come up with an Arabic equivalent… although my Arabic isn’t exactly amazing, haha, I often really struggle to convey English ideas to my non-English speaking Grandma and end up staring helplessly at my brother who just takes the mickey out of me without helping me because he thinks it’s funny that my Grandma thinks I’m a bit slow. Lmao. Dear me. So yeah I think I’d put ‘awkward’ across using a combination of the word ‘embarrassing’ and some facial expressions. Interesting indeed!

Completely finished my Biology and partially finished my Chemistry/Maths. Kinda stuck. I’m gonna start my French, woo grammar.

I just logged onto my Grooveshark account which I haven’t used since last year and found my old playlists. SO NOSTALGIC. Got Rescue Me by You Me At Six blasting in my room ;) And omg BBQ later on. Life’s not so bad ~

P.S. Just realised it’s October! Happy October :)

"Le langage est source de malentendus. Mais, chaque jour, tu pourras t’asseoir un peu plus près."

Le Petit Prince

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