Tips for AS exams

As requested by an anon yesterday!

In theory, aim to stay on top of your work, understanding it as you go along instead of leaving it all til the end, but don’t worry if you can’t, because I never could, even though I tried. I was absolutely hopeless throughout the term then I’d study during study leave and then do fine in the exams. So it is possible. But do aim to keep on top of it, if you can.

Any other advice would be subject specific so feel free to ask if it’s Bio, Chem, Maths or French you’re worried about!

exam :/

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. My mind went blank on question 3, so unfair. I managed to differentiate and put it equal to 0 so probably got 3 marks but I just left it at that cos I was like wtf there’s a sin3x and a cos3x o_o and now I’m kicking myself because it was actually quite easy, you just had to divide through by cos3x and make 1 + tan3x. Urgghh. Frustrating. But the rest of it was ok, I thought… Slightly weird questions but manageable. Actually I’m not sure if the paper was OK or if I just got it all wrong, that’s probably just as likely, omg. Need to stop thinking about it :( I PROBABLY MADE LOADS OF STUPID MISTAKES

I stared at question 3(a) for like 20 minutes irfopewirowjrwq

Revised, went on the treadmill, watched Prison Break, showered

Bed time now, methinks. GUYS WISH ME LUCK FOR MY C3 EXAM TOMORROW. If the questions aren’t straight forward I will literally burst into tears in the exam hall, just sayin’

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Theorem

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Calculus

Harry potter and the Prisoner of Algebra

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Analysis

Harry Potter and the Order of Operations

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Statistician

Harry Potter and the Deathly Algorithms

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Anonymous asked:
yeah but there's also extended that's harder, isnt it?

Extended? You mean Further Maths? I’m not sure what your point is exactly. Yes A-Level Further Maths is harder than A-Level Maths, if that’s your question, and the Core Maths modules are part of A-Level Maths.

Anonymous asked:
isnt core an easier version of math?

Excuse me? ‘Core Maths’ exams are A-Level modules.

Another A on a C3 paper o_o

I honestly thought this would never, ever happen. I am in absolute disbelief that I can actually do this. Oh my god. eirwerwei[ropweirpoijwerwer. Guys, it’s official. I LEARNT C3 IN ONE WEEK.

Oh and, the other great thing, is that I’m getting addicted to Prison Break. SO GOOD. And Wentworth Miller, unffffff

I got an A on two C3 papers!!!!!!!!!1

Praise da Lord, I am sososososo happy right now

C3 revision is killing me.


Men In Black 3 was amaaaaaazing

absolutely loved it, Will Smith never fails to impress <3 today was great! Having a nap now and then I’m gonna get started on some Maths wooo

Only C3 left!

Two weeks of maths revision AND THEN THAT’S IT. Brilliant. Woo cinema and pizza express tomorrow (it must be Wednesday right)

AS French exam over!

That technology essay question was a GOD SEND. So unbelievably happy about that! Perfect perfect perfect. Couple of the reading/listening questions were a bit dodgy (how the hell is “traditional French lunches are disappearing” a reason for obesity?) but apart from that, relatively easy really, and the Cloze Sentences were a breeze ;) omg only one exam left! I have three weeks to absolutely smash C3 which is fine really! I am in such a good mood, the weather is perfect, my exams are nearly over, and next week I’m going with my family to spend the weekend at a B&B by the seaside :’) loving life!

Edit: I just figured out that obesity thing! It means they’re having more fast food. I think. I mean to me it didn’t make sense cos I figured traditional French lunches were like 4 courses and they ate loads but… I guess it’s all healthy nutritious food? Ah well.

Argh D1

Just had it. I think I messed up the Critical Path Analysis because even though I got 3 to be the lower bound for number of workers when I tried to schedule them I couldn’t make it less than 4 :( so so annoying. Rest of the paper was fine thoughhh, and I loved the last question!

Right, time for some chillaxin’ before I started revising Chemistry. I think an episode of Friends and a baked potato are in order, wooooooooooooop. 

revising D1 is monotonous and painful.

Good thing I have the Edinburgh pictures to look at when I get too bored eh.

memories of the human bubble sort/quicksort with hats as pivots will never fail to cheer me up. woo.