wooohooo nearly three AM and i’m still doing my PBL!!!

sooooooooooo 1 week into my medical degree and i’m questioning whether or not i am capable of being a doctor???

A*AAA!!! Lancaster Medical School here I comeeeeeee



Anonymous asked:
Hii! I'm an aspiring medic:p i'm only going into year 11, but do you have any tips or anything as to what i could do to help me get into uni?thanks:)

Just work as hard as you can for your exams, do lots and lots of work experience, and make sure you do as many extra curricular activities as possible! If you have any specific questions about anything I’m happy to help. :)

Anonymous asked:
which universities do you want to apply to?:)

Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool and Leeds. :)

Writing my personal statement, kill me.

Does anyone know how to express “I’M AMAZING PLZ GIVE ME AN OFFER OR I WILL BRING SHAME TO MY FAMILY” in 4000 characters?

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Congrats on doing so well in your studies!:O I was just wondering, when did you officially start revising for your (i)gcse's and did you always know that you wanted to become a doctor?:)

Hi, thank you so much! Hmm it was a year and a bit ago now so hard to remember precisely but… GCSE exams start in May right? So it was probably the Easter holidays in April? The problem with GCSEs is not that they’re really very difficult but rather that the sheer amount of stuff you have to learn is really quite overwhelming. Because of that, I recommend starting fairly early and not leaving everything til the last few days. But not so early that you get really fed up with it and start not following your revision timetable - make it realistic.

To be honest, I have always wanted to be a doctor, ever since I was a little kid and dressed up in a little doctor outfit and went around ‘making people better’ :P but obviously I had to make sure that it was the right thing for me and that’s where work experience comes in. When I did it I enjoyed it so so much. I really felt right in the medical environment and I could see myself doing working there.   And that’s what really confirmed it in my mind, that and visits to various medical schools and finding out what the course is like (because there are people who like the idea of being a doctor but the medicine course doesn’t actually suit them - you gotta be careful)

Hope this helps in any way!

Anonymous asked:
If it was totally up to you, and the world was a little mindless thing and you didn't have to bear in any consequences what would you want to be?

Interesting question, but can you just clarify, do you mean what job would I want to have?

Edit: Well since you’re not replying I’ll assume that’s what you mean. And actually, if I didn’t have to bear any consequences, I would want to do so much! I mean at the moment I’ve chosen Medicine and that is what I want to do, but it does upset me sometimes that there are so many things that interest me, that I enjoy, that I will never be able to do, because it’s simply not feasible to do them all! I would still want to be a doctor for a little while, then I’d like to study Law and be a lawyer, be a novelist, do a degree in French then live in an apartment in France and work in a bookshop… become an actress, star in a few really amazing films… then study Maths and Programming and become some sort of programmer. Work for Google. WORK FOR TUMBLR. And be a vlogger/blogger the whole time.

There’s probably a whole lot more I’d like to do too - definitely would want to travel the world. So I guess you could say I’m interested in a lot of things. I think my main problem is that I feel that the world is too big and full of amazing things to do for one tiny life-span. You gotta pick which is annoying, but I am happy with my choices. (Doesn’t mean I’ll stop dreaming about being a famous lawyer/novelist/actress/librarian/blogger/programmer though.)

Anonymous asked:
Curious as to why you're willing to give away around 12 years of your life for a career in medicine.. isn't it a little tough if you happen to be of the female gender? pretty soon you'll get married and have kids, will your career fit in just right?

I wouldn’t call it ‘giving away’ to be honest! I really think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the medicine course at uni, as well as the training and the job itself. It’s something I have a passion for, I know it’s going to be hard work but it’ll be worth it. What do you think is tough for females, the course or the job? I definitely think both are manageable, even with a husband/kids (as a side note, I am rather flattered by your certainty that I’ll soon be married, but I definitely won’t have kids until I’m settled with my job). I’m lucky to have two great parents who will help me with looking after my kids, until they’re old enough to go to school, and even after that, if they need picking up or whatever. I’m going to do everything I can to make my career fit with my personal life but ultimately, not gonna lie, it will be family first. That might mean that I never reach the top of the career ladder but honestly, that isn’t as important to me as making sure I’m there as a supporting mum/wife for my family.  

Oh and also: it’s a very stable job with great pay - something which, although isn’t in itself a good reason for choosing medicine - is definitely a pro during these economic times. I want to do everything I can to make sure me and my family live comfortably!

UKCAT tomorrow

Wish me luck, I need it :( :( :(

treadmill and prison break!

then an early night because tomorrow I am gonna do nothing but UKCAT practice. really need to go for it. it’s on wednesday and i have to smash it. :( the thought of shopping with claire on thursday is keeping me going woooooo. OH and the tiny issue of getting into med school. see ya

School’s over!!!!!!1

So happy it’s summer, but so many of my favourite teachers have left this year, it’s really sad :| MAIS BON, LA VIE CONTINUE. UKCAT in one week amagawwd kill me