Can someone tell me where I can watch this online pleeeeEEEAASSeeeeee

Just watched the last ever episode of Prison Break

It is without a doubt the best TV program I have ever seen in my entire life. The only bad thing about it is that it ended.. I still have tears in my eyes. Oh my God the way they made us feel sorry for T-Bag but then made us hate him at the same time and oh my God Mahone with Lang I love that man so much and Michael’s son is called Michael and SUCRE goddamnit he is such a babe. Oh lordy this has been such an emotional rollercoaster how on earth is my life supposed to go back to normal now

watching prison break has made me really paranoid

everytime i’m in a public building and i see cleaners/maintenance people in uniforms i get this urge to just start screaming INTRUDER INTRUDER INTRUDER and then i realise that if it was michael or linc then i’d want them to get out safely so i should probably shut up but what if it was t-bag guys WHAT IF IT WAS T-BAG, oh life