physics is over.

it’s the end of an era. a five year era. and i’m not gonna pretend to be all sentimental and upset.


that is all. exam went fine :D i mean, some weird questions, like, wtf was that motorcycle accident crap about? and that weird graph on the jupiter question? where the hell was the line of best fit? but anyway, i cannot believe the diverging mirror ray diagram came up, i literally learnt it 10 mins before the exam - but it’s fine, i did it, it’s over, i’m not even gonna think about it anymore.

10 exams over, 6 exams left. over half way ^^

oh. my. god.

on the revision sheet my physics teacher typed our for us it says:

[…] neutron star (or black hoe if v. large)

.. wow. absolutely made my day. i’ll be sure to let her know of her racism. goodnight, wish me luck for tomorrow’s exam! i’ll be here celebrating afterwards, no doubt. xo

Physics revision with friends.

Friend: Wanna revise?
Me: Sure, okay!
Me: Um…
Me: …
Friend: Yeah…
Me: Well, that’s the end of that.
Friend: We should have a break.
Me: Yeah.

ok i really am doing my physics now bye.


it’s late, I should really be getting to bed since I do have loads of work to do tomorrow, even if I don’t have school.

physics. wow, tomorrow’s the last day I ever revise physics, and friday’s the last day I ever do physics, like, ever.

pretty good feeling to be honest, not gonna lie..

the good news is that I am exactly half way through my GCSEs. done 8 exams, another 8 to go. then, june 17th, no more exams until september.

thinking of teaching myself As Level French during the summer, qu’est-ce que vous pensez? shouldn’t be too difficult, vocab, grammar and past papers. then i can chill next year whilst concentrating on finishing my full A Level Maths in one year :|

enough of a ramble, i really am going to sleep now. goodnight. thanks to my 12 new followers today, you’ve made my day :} and thanks to all my old followers too. you’re all so awesome for putting up with me.

goodnight xo


all that revision paid off, it really couldn’t have gone any better. i’m so pleased with that 

physics on friday. BRING IT.

studying physics, and i’m like

okay. i’m off tumblr again. slight change of plan since i’ve not quite finished the whole unit. i need to do 2 more topics, Electromagnetism and Stars, then i can hit the past papers. i lead such a crazy life :’)