Can someone tell me where I can watch this online pleeeeEEEAASSeeeeee

Just watched the last ever episode of Prison Break

It is without a doubt the best TV program I have ever seen in my entire life. The only bad thing about it is that it ended.. I still have tears in my eyes. Oh my God the way they made us feel sorry for T-Bag but then made us hate him at the same time and oh my God Mahone with Lang I love that man so much and Michael’s son is called Michael and SUCRE goddamnit he is such a babe. Oh lordy this has been such an emotional rollercoaster how on earth is my life supposed to go back to normal now


I may or may not have a crush on Alex Mahone.

Well I do

Finally home.

I’m glad to be back, it’s been a tiring few days. But I’m also glad that I’ve been able to help my grandparents out so much. It’s so sad how much their health has deteriorated recently but I guess you can’t do anything but help out as much as you can.

In other news, it’s my birthday in exactly a month! So I guess it’s time to start making a list of what I want, haha. Was talking to Arvid about French novels and he suggested an author called Romain Gary; been looking into him and I’m thinking I’d probably like to get a couple of his books. Not sure which ones yet (he has so many and they all look so interesting) but Arvid recommended Les Cerfs-Volants and La Promesse De L’Aube - anyone read them?

Not really sure what else I want… I know my mum’s getting me a really big bottle of the perfume I want, Calvin Klein IN2U (classy name I know, but it smells like heaven, I’m actually obsessed with it) so that’s that, not expecting anything else at all from my parents as they booked me a plane ticket to Dubai in a couple of weeks, lol. 

So I dunno really. Clothes? I do want clothes. But I’m really picky and need to try things on before I buy them. So maybe store vouchers - H&M would be good. Or actually, omg, TRAFFORD CENTRE GIFT CARDS. That would be absolutely one hundred percent perfect. Okay that is definitely what I want. :P

Mulling over whether I want Season 7 House DVDs or not - on the one hand, I have 1-6, and I like having collections, but on the other… I can watch them all online for free. So it just seems like a bit of a waste of money. Hm. Alright I’m really sleepy now so will head off to bed. Starting my art project tomorrow! And also starting Season 4 of Prison Break. Exciting stuff. Goodnight!

P.S. Claire I’m still expecting an original present from you bbz

treadmill and prison break!

then an early night because tomorrow I am gonna do nothing but UKCAT practice. really need to go for it. it’s on wednesday and i have to smash it. :( the thought of shopping with claire on thursday is keeping me going woooooo. OH and the tiny issue of getting into med school. see ya

watching prison break has made me really paranoid

everytime i’m in a public building and i see cleaners/maintenance people in uniforms i get this urge to just start screaming INTRUDER INTRUDER INTRUDER and then i realise that if it was michael or linc then i’d want them to get out safely so i should probably shut up but what if it was t-bag guys WHAT IF IT WAS T-BAG, oh life

Revised, went on the treadmill, watched Prison Break, showered

Bed time now, methinks. GUYS WISH ME LUCK FOR MY C3 EXAM TOMORROW. If the questions aren’t straight forward I will literally burst into tears in the exam hall, just sayin’

Prison Break: where every episode is as dramatic as a frikkin’ season finale

Another A on a C3 paper o_o

I honestly thought this would never, ever happen. I am in absolute disbelief that I can actually do this. Oh my god. eirwerwei[ropweirpoijwerwer. Guys, it’s official. I LEARNT C3 IN ONE WEEK.

Oh and, the other great thing, is that I’m getting addicted to Prison Break. SO GOOD. And Wentworth Miller, unffffff

Started watching Prison Break, SO good!

Didn’t really need another distraction from Maths but owell yolo