omg no i have exams to study for why have i been on tumblr for an hour i haven’t even reblogged anything

oh yeah

just remembered I’m supposed to be studying and I only checked Tumblr to see if my friend had replied to the message I sent her. well.. she didn’t. and here i am an hour later still scrollin’.. :(

learning about microscopes in Biology just isn’t doing anything for me..



i can’t tell you how interesting the Common Agricultural Policy is. you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t know what it is so i might be kind enough to enlighten you all later on

yeah i’ve decided i’m gonna revise on tumblr. you’re gonna get some boring unit 2 physics thrown at you, ye faithful followers. and i’m gonna include some totally random unrelated pictures with every post.

seriously need to revise

hi exams, bye social life