Nowadays I use my blog more as a photo-album than a journal. I want to write more but I find myself lacking in inspiration. So I make the occasional post, telling you stuff you probably don’t care about about my life. Because I don’t want this blog to lose the personal touch. Some blogs - beautiful as they are - could be computer generated for all you knew, because the person behind it just wants to post photographs and nothing else. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s just not what I want to do, it wasn’t my aim when I started this. And I fear I’ve slipped into that slightly? Trying too hard to make my blog look ‘pretty’ instead of actually wanting to pour my heart into it. It’s funny, during my exams I felt I had to much to say, so much to write about, and I thought to myself that as soon as I had time I’d become an epic blogger. Umm. Well, I certainly have the time now… and yes, I post many beautiful photographs… but in my eyes, reblogging beautiful photos does not an epic blogger make. Anyone can do that. I know it looks good, and it definitely draws the followers in - but what’s special about it?

So maybe instead of spending an hour reblogging pictures, I should spend an hour writing an indepth piece. Or an hour reading something online, learning something new and then posting about it here. Anything but this cold, detached-ness my blog seems to have slipped into these days. I never dreamed that I’d have hundreds and hundreds of followers - but it’s not really that much of an achievement if your blog is so impersonal.

So, I guess I’d better come to a conclusion. Basically, I want my blog to be more personal, I want it to reflect what’s on my mind, not just what’s on my dashboard. And to have hundreds of followers who find that worth following… now there’s the achievement.

so good to have my laptop back ♥

Got my second History unit done! Only one left :} it was so refreshing to do something that wasn’t Geography. I’ll post some History revision later this evening to help anyone who’s also trying to revise it.

I have a bit of a dilemma, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I love this theme, and it’s absolutely perfect for normal text posts and pretty pictures, but the layout gets really messed up if I post something that’s been reblogged loads of times and people have added messages to, like all those ‘the awkward moment when’ posts, the cereal guy ones, all the awesome memes and hilarious gifs… and I scroll through my dashboard, and I like them, when really I’d love to reblog them so that my followers can see them too, but I know it messes up the layout. So, I have three choices. Either, get a new layout (which I really don’t want to do since it took me over an hour to find this one), create a ‘Likes’ page, which has everything I’ve liked on it (I’m sure I’ve seen other people with this page, it would be great if someone could tell me how to do that? Cos I tried, I went into Customize but couldn’t work it out) and the third option is just to do nothing and carry on the same as ever.

I’d appreciate any advice/ideas. Just leave them in my ask box :) Thanks! Looking forward to The Apprentice tonight ^^


i just searched ‘scenery’ in tumblr, saw a picture i really liked, went to reblog it, and noticed there wasn’t a reblog button.

upon further examination, i realised that i myself had posted this picture about 2 minutes ago.


so, not gonna name any names, but why on earth would you like/reblog every other post of mine but NOT follow me?

just sayin’. just sayin’.