literature exam went so much better than expected!

another subject crossed off the list. whew. 
The Mockingbird question I did was to write about how Harper Lee presented people learning things from experience. Quite a lot to write about - Scout, learning the reason why Boo didn’t want to come out and learning to put herself into other peoples’ shoes; Jem, learning that the world isn’t perfect, that bad things happen to good people; Uncle Jack, about the right way to bring up children, being fair and listening to their points of view… and a few others. You had to write about what people didn’t learn too, so I wrote about Bob Ewell not learning from his mistakes in looking after Mayella and continuing to be lazy and abusive even after the trial, and after he’d seen the effect it’d been having on her, that she’d turn to someone who she was forbidden from for love and affection because she had nowhere else to turn to. Oh, and about 30 seconds before the end of the exam, I decided to add in about how Atticus, even though he is portrayed as the ‘teacher’ in many of the previous examples, is not infallible, and he himself made a mistake by allowing his children to walk home in the dark. However, he will learn from it, as the children learnt from their mistakes, and as Ewell did not.
Ok, enough of a ramble about Mockingbird. Section B was the poetry - I chose the question that split it up into two sections, so you could compare two poems and then two poems, instead of all four at once. So part a) was to compare the effectiveness of openings in Walt Whitman’s Patrolling Barnegat and one other poem - I chose Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130. And part b) was to compare the effectiveness of endings in Gillian Clarke’s Catrin and one other poem - I chose Seamus Heaney’s Blackberry-picking. I think I managed it alright, used the words ‘caesura’ and ‘enjambemant’ which was always my aim :P and I think I made some valid points. Wrote 6 pages! So hopefully, even if some of it is wrong, I’ve written enough to ensure that some of it actually makes sense, and luckily there’s no negative marking.
My God though, my handwriting was absolutely attrotious. I was struggling to make it legible because I was writing so fast, and my pen was smudging a little bit - well, it was gloopy, and that was pretty annoying, came out of the exam with black ink all over my fingers and face (because I tend to rub my face when I get nervous, haha). Only one essay writing subject left - History. The rest, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geog and ICT all have shorter questions. So, Chem and Physics will be over by the end of this week. Then I have two weeks to revise Geog, History and ICT - Maths, I’m feeling quite prepared for anyway.
So, currently writing this in the library in school. Could’ve gone home after the exam but I stayed so I could see a teacher about something. Kinda wish I’d gone home now because it’s 2:30 and I have nothing to do for another hour and a half. Could do some more chemistry but I’ve been doing that ever since the end of my English so I’m a bit tired. Sigh. So yeah, tumblr’s blocked here but I’m writing this as an email draft and I’ll post it when I get home.
Ok, I’m gonna stop ramblng now, really. I’m done with English. FOREVER.