wtf it’s august

why do i never do anything with my life

School’s over!!!!!!1

So happy it’s summer, but so many of my favourite teachers have left this year, it’s really sad :| MAIS BON, LA VIE CONTINUE. UKCAT in one week amagawwd kill me

I feel like a serial killer

I just killed like 5 insects in my bedroom. Shudder. I hate that in the summer you have to choose between being cool but surrounded by insects or sweltering but being insect-free. Personally going for the latter because I have an irrational fear/hatred of insects and just ewripoweirpowerw

Another gorgeous day,

another barbecue! This time at my aunty’s house, where they have a pool, wooooo. Kinda upset that my brother’s gone back to uni, a couple of years ago I never ever thought I’d be saying this but I miss him already! Anyway best be off, those episodes of New Girl aren’t gonna watch themselves ~~

Just had a water fight with my family!

My dad is actually ruthless, lmao. I like it so much when everyone’s this happy. To quote my 5 year old brother: “I like summer, it has buttercups and sunshine and beautiful things” :))

I love the smell of summer

And full apologies to Claire for my previous mockery of this statement. Seriously though, my window’s open and it just smells so lovely and warm and just, beautiful. Would love to go on a walk right now. :)








and it was literally drunkenly circling my room for like 15 minutes, and I was (poorly) attempting to follow it with a fly swatter, but it just wouldn’t stay still, and anyway every time it moved I screamed, and it went into my wardrobe and back out and then into my bookshelf and omg I was freaking out SO MUCH and then after all that it just flew back out the window, having clearly enjoyed the 15 minute tour of my bedroom. GODDAMNIT I WILL NEVER OPEN MY WINDOW AGAIN


I want to go to London again sometime soon, not been in a while… watching the fireworks made me a bit nostalgic. Hopefully I’ll be able to go in the summer.

Anyway, it’s nearly 2am and I’m gonna try to get to sleep since I plan to (finally) start S1 revision tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off so much even though it’s probably what I need to work hardest on… irutiwerweijkgr. Hate stats. Really glad it’s my last exam so I get longer to work on it.

Okay goodnight everyone, and happy 2012. xxx

I feel like I can’t talk to anyone in this house without it turning into an argument. Why the hell are you so sensitive and tense? Why are you on edge all the time? Why do you misinterpret every single thing I say, why does every conversation with you end up with someone being upset?

And you wonder why I hate being at home for the summer. Maybe because at school, people actually accept me for who I am, and like me for it, as opposed to here where all you want to do is change me, picking on the tiniest flaws and making out like I’m some sort of terrible person. Maybe because at school, when I tell them about my hopes and dreams, they don’t laugh and say that French is a useless language, they don’t mock my passion for it and call it stupid, they actually encourage it and think it’s a good thing. Here, I can’t get it right. If I stay in my room all day, I get told off for not being sociable with my family. If I try to talk to you, you get annoyed with me. How can I win? I’ve been home for two hours and I’ve already had 3 arguments. Arguments aren’t even in my nature, I avoid them at all costs. Ask any one of my friends, they know that I tend to get on with everyone. So why can’t I get on with my own family?

Well, this weekend’s family trip is gonna be fun ~


heiuerhrertwew nintendo <3

it’s so awesome. i noticed i lost a follower by the way, after posting the first zelda thing. how rude. well if you unfollow because of that, i don’t even want you to be a follower. :(

okay, i’m off to get my coffee and toast, then i must start revising geography again :| this time tomorrow i’ll be doing my exam.. and then an hour and a quarter later i’ll have finished and summer will begin. awwwwwyeahhhhhhhhhhh.

felt like going on a fashion rave.

I have to go study now but I thought of some great new ideas for what I’m gonna blog about this summer. I’m actually really excited now. Two weeks, guys! See you in a bit x

sat with my laptop trying to think of something inspirational to write about.

but the truth is, right now, i do not have any inspirational thoughts. i’m tired and i’m annoyed and i’m stressed. i don’t see why anyone would want to hear my thoughts and random musings, because actually the only thing going through my mind right now is EXAMSEXAMSEXAMSEXAMS. and oh my god… it says exam sex. wow. maybe i should put a spaces in-between that… lol. nahh.

anyway. i like to think that i’m deep and perceptive, and before i had a blog, i always thought that if i ever did have one, i would be able to write long and interesting blog posts every single day. ah well. i do think perhaps my mind is too busy and fatigued with these omnipresent exams. because i do think about things, and i do like writing. two weeks today my exams’ll be over. this summer i’m planning to start writing, properly writing, not just blogging pictures, although rest assured that a stream of beautiful photos will not stop coming your way. i’m going to write about everything and anything; i’m going to be creative and use my imagination. hey who knows, i might do some fictional writing too. maybe that’ll draw a whole new type of followers in.

off to watch House. which reminds me, when I start watching Season 7 I’ll do a review on each episode. and i’ll review every book i read this summer, and every film I see. i’ll also post all the French writing i’m gonna do… and write about my progress in teaching myself AS Level French. see you in a bit! thanks for listening x