Just, y’know, casually freaking out cos GCSE RESULTS COME OUT TOMORROW. Guessing I won’t be sleeping tonight… prepare for some major blogging ~

So yeah, got my charger fixed so I’m back. Gosh I missed Tumblr. I’m really glad because my texts ran out yesterday… no phone and no internet simply would have been a disaster. Which is really sad if you think about it

Getting a new laptop if my GCSE results are good on Thursday. My parents’ definition of good being only the best. 11 A*s or you deserve nothing you useless cripple. Well they never actually said that out loud. And they wonder why I can’t sleep these days ~

you unfollowers are so mean, it’s not my fault my laptop’s broken :(

hopefully getting a new one soon so I can post properly.

p.s. anyone else a nervous wreck about GCSE results?

b3 is in da bag

hahahahhaa not.