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If it was totally up to you, and the world was a little mindless thing and you didn't have to bear in any consequences what would you want to be?

Interesting question, but can you just clarify, do you mean what job would I want to have?

Edit: Well since you’re not replying I’ll assume that’s what you mean. And actually, if I didn’t have to bear any consequences, I would want to do so much! I mean at the moment I’ve chosen Medicine and that is what I want to do, but it does upset me sometimes that there are so many things that interest me, that I enjoy, that I will never be able to do, because it’s simply not feasible to do them all! I would still want to be a doctor for a little while, then I’d like to study Law and be a lawyer, be a novelist, do a degree in French then live in an apartment in France and work in a bookshop… become an actress, star in a few really amazing films… then study Maths and Programming and become some sort of programmer. Work for Google. WORK FOR TUMBLR. And be a vlogger/blogger the whole time.

There’s probably a whole lot more I’d like to do too - definitely would want to travel the world. So I guess you could say I’m interested in a lot of things. I think my main problem is that I feel that the world is too big and full of amazing things to do for one tiny life-span. You gotta pick which is annoying, but I am happy with my choices. (Doesn’t mean I’ll stop dreaming about being a famous lawyer/novelist/actress/librarian/blogger/programmer though.)

Off school again..

I forced myself into school yesterday and ended up embarrassing myself because when I’m tired and too hot I say things which don’t make sense (yeah, even more than usual) and by that I am referring of course to yesterday’s French lesson which was an absolute disaster tijeiotpeoitookgjldfjglkdgd. You know when you think about something that happened and you just want to crawl into a hole and never be seen again?

Meanwhile it’s a day of reblogging, watching House and Friends and reading Le Petit Prince whilst drinking coffee. If that doesn’t make me happy I don’t know what will. I should probably get started on homework at some point… but I’ll probably just stick to doing French today, because I’m a sad person and French makes me happy. I’m so lucky French is actually a school subject, lol.

Need to finish my maths homework. Tumblr stop being so addictive :(

You know your sleep cycle’s messed up when you look at the clock, see it’s 4:30AM and think ‘oh, it’s still kinda early to go to bed…’

Well dat’s what happens when you have Tumblr.

it was so bright when I eventually did try to get to sleep (8am) that I had to wear an eye-mask. now that’s a new experience. i woke up about 10 minutes ago. woohoo ~

Been on Tumblr for 6 hours. It’s almost 7am and I’m going to get into bed now. To read Harry Potter in French.

Goodnight/morning/whatever ~

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So yeah, got my charger fixed so I’m back. Gosh I missed Tumblr. I’m really glad because my texts ran out yesterday… no phone and no internet simply would have been a disaster. Which is really sad if you think about it

Getting a new laptop if my GCSE results are good on Thursday. My parents’ definition of good being only the best. 11 A*s or you deserve nothing you useless cripple. Well they never actually said that out loud. And they wonder why I can’t sleep these days ~

I’ve not managed to post properly on Tumblr for so long..

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loving the new ‘answer privately’ function on the messages. and the fact that there was a prominent red number one at the top so i could tell i had one straight away. i think i like this new tumblr!  how are you guys doing today?

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best response yet

You: Hey, do you have Tumblr?
Stranger: no i have a whasing machine
Stranger: whashing
Stranger: washing
You: Hahahahahaha
You: best response yet
Stranger: im blond sorry

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