I am so lucky oh my God I can’t believe this just happened to me. That was an AMAZING show. Thanks John and Hank!!! I’m sorry I yelped “I love you” at you both, hahahaha, I got so nervous for some reason, thanks for signing my ticket!


i’ve gotten to that point in my chemistry studying where i had a dream last night that i had a poster that said "my thoughts are carbon chains i can’t fathom into benzene rings"


i have no words for this 


So, I joined my school’s book club yesterday which was so wonderful! I didn’t even realise so many people were into reading and, GUESS WHAT, I introduced them to John Green, and I was describing Looking for Alaska, and the teacher was like, oh well you’ve certainly sold him to me, I’m going to buy it and we might make it our first book club read! Then she said we should make posters to put around school recommending it to other people and I was getting super super excited aaah then I told her about Hank and vlogbrothers and it was basically just amazing.


Anonymous asked:
what is it about John Greens novels that you like?

Oh wow, where do I begin? I think it’s mainly the characters. I love the way John brings them to life, there’s something very real about them all. None of them are perfect; they’re all fabulously flawed individuals and maybe it sounds weird but I like that. I like the way he writes about their thoughts, I like that throughout his novels the characters try to figure themselves out, there’s something very pure and beautiful about it. I feel I can connect with them. It’s almost like… like, throughout the book, they’re growing up and maturing and they have experiences which change them. And I, as a reader, get to be a part of that, get to experience it with them. It kind of feels like a privilege.

A quotation springs to mind: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” (The Fault In Our Stars) This really, really struck a chord with me when I read it, to me it just epitomises the idea that we are so full of ideas and memories and regrets and wishes and aspirations, these things that make us who we are, but trying to make sense of everything all at once never works. But eventually, if we take things slowly, if we are patient and we are peaceful, things fit into place. That’s what I believe anyway - so my second point is, his novels give me hope. Hope that things get better, and most of all, hope in humanity.

I could go on but I think I’ll just choose one final point to make - I like them because they’re just so goddamn funny! He is one of the few authors who can actually make me laugh out loud. They’re all such enjoyable reads and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon Looking For Alaska a year ago and decided to read it.

Thanks for this wonderful question dear anon!