I cannot believe I slept for 15 hours last night.

6pm - 9am. New record for me! At least I’ve caught up on a week’s worth of lost sleep, I feel pretty great actually. Can’t believe my exams start on Tuesday though. Guess I’ll be revising D1 and Chem Unit 1 this weekend then, which isn’t bad at all to be fair. Happily sitting in bed drinking coffee, surfin’ da net and listening to The Honey Trees. It’s lovely moments like this that make me put things into perspective and just chill out. :) Will start revising soon though I promise

General Studies exam.

Anyone else think it was a really awesome paper? Just me? Lol, omg. Just love the fact that in the lesson before the exam I was looking through my French essay on advantages/disadvantages of the internet… and that was the friggin’ 14 mark question! Only difficulty was trying not to accidentally write in French, hahaha. Woop. Also… the first question on the multiple choice was the translation of a French word, ‘renaissance’. Couldn’t really ask for much better than that! Anyways, since I have never looked at a mark-scheme and I have no idea what the standards are for General Studies I couldn’t really tell if you if I thought I’d done well or not. But I enjoyed it. :P

Biology tomorrow! Just been revising and I feel pretty confident, fingers crossed. Gonna make myself a hot chocolate and watch House to wind down. :) 

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what matters is love and care

Just logged onto thestudentroom and I found this in my inbox, omg

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Bonne nuit x

It’s still really early, 8:30, but since school is starting on Wednesday and I should really get myself into a proper sleeping pattern, I’m gonna get into bed and read for a while… and hopefully drop off. Want to wake up early-ish tomorrow so I can fit even more revision in, going to try to cover the whole of C2. Which should be great now that I’ve found those perfect tutorial videos! Really pleased with the progress I’ve made with S1.

Still sticking to my resolution of being relaxed ;)

Happy new year’s eve!

Best wishes to everyone for the new year. Hope it’s a good one!

2012 is going to be so so busy for me. So much to do. But my new year’s resolution is to stay calm, not stress out, and be positive about everything. Because what’s the point doing well in my exams and at school if I’m ill and stressed and hate everyone? Really want to stick to this, I have a habit of really making myself ill from stress because I worry far too much about exams. It ends here, guys. woop.




Just chilling for a little while until I go to my Uncle’s house for dinner. Looking forward to it, I love being around my extended family. They’re just so damn hilarious. Taking last night as an example: only in my family would we be having a heated discussion about evolution on Christmas Eve. Love it so much, haha. Also was quick to shoot anyone down who claimed that evolution is incompatible with belief in God. Dear me. Some people.

Wearing a lovely ridiculous Christmas jumper yayy. My house is so cosy right now :) got a few cousins round just chilling. One of them, who’s 23, is the one who used to help me with Zelda (Ocarina of Time) back in the day when I got stuck… so we started playing on the N64 again for old times’ sake, haha. I have completed it before but I am once again stuck on the water temple. If he can finish it today (he is such a pro) then I will be so pleased, haha, I’ve been stuck for so long now :P

Also, I am so glad Claire got a new laptop for Christmas. She can finally read my blog properly. Which is very important of course.