the first note i ever sent you in maths

and and and miss robinson refused to believe that it was me who wrote it

good times!

Just realised…

I should probably do non-Tumblr things/stuff I don’t have to hide from my parents without using Chrome Incognito… bit suspicious if I’m on the computer all day and have no Internet history for the past year. Omg. And somehow I don’t think I could plead playing Minesweeper the whole time.

Also, it’s nearly 2:30am and I’m eating. Again.

I have this mug..

and I swear every single drink tastes about a million times better in it. <3 Oh so easily pleased. Currently eating a cheese sandwich. Got some home made biscuits and I just made myself a mocha… so lucky :’) right, gonna herp around on Tumblr until I finish my food, then do some Maths, then go to sleep go on Tumblr again and… yeah. Don’t particularly have high hopes for an early bed time since it’s 1am already.

Can I just say, I read The Hunger Games aaaaaages ago. Recommended it to my friends. They didn’t give one. Now they all got the books for Christmas and I’m the only one who doesn’t actually own them. WHY ARE BOOKS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. My next book purchase will definitely be Le Petit Prince but after that maybe Hunger Games, gosh it’s so good. Oh, and people who haven’t read it raving on about how excited they are about the film? Not cool.

drinking tea and eating a cookie.. which is nice, but nothing can put me in a good mood when i’ve just woken up from a a short sleep in the evening, i hate it, i always wake up so angry and headachey and i feel feverish and omg.

i don’t even want to do homework but i have to otherwise it’ll pile up and that’s crap.

why why why why why why why why why

got an A* on the past paper

which means no more unit 2 physics today!

40/45, which was 100% UMS, and 3 of the marks I lost was a calculation I couldn’t be bothered doing because my calculator wasn’t within reaching distance. Lazy I know :B going to have a break now and get started on unit 2 chemistry afterwards. tomorrow’s unit 3 day, excited much? ;)

je suis tellement heureuse.

bonjourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ^^