Just did 20 minutes running on the treadmill, then a heck of a load of sit ups! Woo! Really proud of myself, and haven’t been snacking at all today!

The Apprentice sucks though, just sayin’. I used to enjoy it so much but now that I’ve grown old and cynical (lol) I can see that they just pick a bunch of people who look funny on TV, certainly not the brightest business minds of the UK. Otherwise we’re in deep trouble. (I admit though, last year’s winner, Tom - I loved him all the way through, haha)

Ok I just went on youtube and saw a featured video called “Beasts of the southern wild” but I read it has “breasts of the southern wild” and I was just like wtf o_o it’s like that weird ad I always get on my email… “win one ridiculously large coupon!” which is odd enough on it’s own but I ALWAYS read it as “ridiculously large tampon”… There’s something wrong with me.

Off to showerrrr. Not even gonna think about revising for tomorrow’s chemistry mock it’s a hopeless case 

oh.. my god

for French I had to find out what ‘dancehall’ music is. from facebook I discovered that an example of a dancehall artist is ‘elephant man’. so, youtubed him. um. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxau1H8NKAg WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SONG LOL

oh my gawd.

that was an amazing breakfast.

you should appreciate the simple things in life. it’s a recipe for happiness. 

morning song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9D8fU4lUE0

yes i’m aware it’s afternoon but i don’t care, i’m still waking up.